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GigaDial station: Rudy Rucker

The Big Aha

Qrude young artist Zad Plant works with living paint. But Zad's career is on the skids, and wife Jane has thrown him out. Enter qwet---or quantum wetware. Qwet makes you high---and it gives you telepathy. A cultural revolution begins. But hungry mouths begin popping out of the air and eating people. Zad and Jane travel through a wormhole to confront the aliens. And they meet something stranger than ever imagined. What is the Big Aha? With 14 chapter illos.

Transreal Books
January, 2014

Turing & Burroughs: A Beatnik SF Novel

What if Alan Turing, founder of the modern computer age, escaped assassination by the secret service to become the lover of Beat author William Burroughs? What if they mutated into giant shapeshifting slugs, fled the FBI, raised Burroughs's wife from the dead, and tweaked the H-bombs of Los Alamos? A wild beatnik adventure, compulsively readable, hysterically funny, with insane warps and twists --- and a bad attitude throughout.

Transreal Books

September, 2012

Jim and the Flims, Nested Scrolls, and Surfing the Gnarl.

Jim and the Flims is a fantastic SF novel set in Santa Cruz and the afterworld, appearing from Night Shade Books.

Nested Scrolls is a writer's life, the autobiography of Rudolf von Bitter Rucker, coming out in a limited edition from PS Publishing, and in a trade edition from Tor Books.

Surfing the Gnarl is a mixture of essay, interview, and SF stories, a slim volume in the Outspoken Authors series from PM Press in Oakland.

Click the image on the right for more info on all these books.

The Ware Tetralogy

Four SF novels in one volume.

The Ware Tetralogy is your guide to the cyberpunk 21st Century! Software, Wetware, Freeware, and Realware...with an intro by William Gibson.

Prime Books

June 20, 2010

Free Gnarly Software

by Rudy Rucker & Friends!

Boppers.gif (4352 bytes)

BOPPERS.  Artificial Life Laboratory.
Runs in all versions of Windows (through Windows 7).

Capow.gif (12189 bytes)

CAPOW   Continuous-Valued Cellular Automata.
Runs in all versions of Windows (through Windows 7).

The POP FRAMEWORK Framework for computer games.
Runs in all versions of Windows (through Windows 7).

Java Asteroids Game
Runs in any browser, alhough you may need to download a Java plug-in.

Kaptau.gif (4199 bytes)

KAPPA TAU. Ribbon Space Curves.
Runs in all versions of Windows (through Windows 7).

Hycube.gif (3372 bytes)

HYPERCUBE98. Tumbling Hypercubes.
Runs in all versions of Windows (through Windows 7).

Cellab.gif (4250 bytes)

CELLAB.  Discrete-Valued Cellular Automata Laboratory.
Runs Windows through XP (SP2), can run in Windows 7.

Rhorse.gif (19120 bytes)

James Gleick's CHAOS: The Software
Can be run on every platform.

Dosgnarl.gif (53872 bytes)

DOS Gnarl (Spirograph, Chaotic Vine, Quartic Julia Sets).
Runs in Windows up through XP (SP2) only.

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