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In May 20, 2010, I managed to rebuild a new version, Boppers 2010, which runs fine in Windows 7 and, one hopes, inall the earlier versions of Windows as well.

The Boppers 2010 software is copyright (C) Autodesk 1992 (because I was working at Autodesk when I wrote it) and copyright (C) Rudy Rucker 1993 (because Autodesk signed over the software to me.)

Creative Commons License

This software is now licensed for free public use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

(In short, the program may be freely recopied and altered, and may not be commercially used or resold without written permission from Rudy Rucker, see

Download the Boppers 2010 Artificial Life Lab Software Installer, Posted May 20, 2010.

This will download a compressed file folder called You can find this file in your downloads folder or in the Tools | Downloads dialog of your browser. Click on, and it will open like a folder to show you aBoppers 2010 directory. Drag this directory to a convenient place on your computer, such as the desktop or to a directory like C:\Program Files. (Dragging it will uncompress it.)

Go inside the Boppers 2010 directory and click on the setup.bat icon to install a Microsoft Visual Studio library that we need for running the program. Windows may warn you that I am not a "verified publisher," but don't worry about it, my code is safe and clean.

And now you can run Boppers 2010 by clicking on the little Boppers2010 exe file inside the Boppers 2010 directory...this is the file with a tiny blue UFO-like icon.

You can right drag this UFO icon to your desktop if you want to make a shortcut for running Boppers2010.

Information on the Boppers controls can be found by using the Boppers Help Menu.  More information can be found in the Artificial Life Lab book, which is online: see below.


More extensive information on the Boppers program can be found in Rucker's Artificial Life Lab book. The book is out of print, and is online here as a PDF file. It remains copyright (C) Rudy Rucker 1993, but it is licensed to the public under the same Creative Commons by-nc-sa terms as the software. Feel free to use the book and software for a course.

Creative Commons License

View Rucker's Artificial Life Lab book about the Boppers Program.  Posted May 20, 2010.


You can also download the Boppers 2010 source code.

Download the Boppers 2010 Source Code. Posted May 20, 2010

If you want to build this code, you can use the free Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express edition, and once you have this in place, open the Boppers2010.vcxproj project file and do a Build | Rebuild.

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