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Four New Books

I have three new books coming up in 2011-2012. Well, four, if you count the new edition of my self-published art book

(1) I just published a new edition of my art book, Better Worlds, on Lulu. It has 79 color paintings now, and sells for $29 paperback or $5 as a PDF.

(2) Jim and the Flims, my fantastic novel of Santa Cruz and the afterworld will appear from Night Shade Books in June, 2011. See my JIM AND THE FLIMS page for more info.

I’ll be giving a reading from Jim and the Flims at the Capitola Book Café on June 4, at 6:30 pm, sharing the podium with Kim Stanley Robinson. And I’ll be reading at Borderlands Books on Valencia St. in San Francisco on Sunday, Jun 10, at 3 pm.

(3a) My autobiography Nested Scrolls is also coming out, first in a limited edition from PS Publishing in July, 2011.

(3b) And a second edition of Nested Scrolls will appear in a hardcover from Tor Books in December, 2011. See my NESTED SCROLLS page for more info.

(4) Last of all, my small anthology Surfing the Gnarl will appear in the Outspoken Authors series from PM Press in January, 2012.

7 Responses to “Four New Books”

  1. Enon Harris Says:

    Wow – four new books! I’m looking forward to reading them; I’ll bet many others are, too.

  2. Randy Henderson Says:

    Yes, but where’s your self-illustrated gnarl novel about a character who commissions a group of writers to help him write his autobiography as an anthology and in the end realizes everyone in the group is really him?

    Anyway, congrats! 🙂 May they all do well,


  3. Alex Says:


    The Nested Scrolls limited edition is very intriguing… it’s limited edition of 100 signed books?
    But they are a UK publisher? Are you in the UK soon? How does that work? I’ll get it anyway.

    Also the second edition of Nested Scrolls has an excellent cover! Great photo. I’m guessing 1968? I’ll get that as well.

  4. Rudy Says:

    Alex, you’re a loyal fan! The British PS edition of NESTED SCROLLS comes in a limited signed dust-jacketed hard-cover edition of 100, plus a 1000-copy edition, also hard-cover. The limited edition comes with a CD with a million words of my writing notes, that is, the complete notes for my last thirteen books.

    The Tor edition will use the same inner design as the PS edition, but a different cover that’s based on a 1972 photo of me taken by my wife Sylvia Rucker, either in New Brunswick, New Jersey, or Reston, Virginia, in front of an op-art painting, the image blended with a screen grab of some of my CAPOW software Belusov-Zhabotinsky “nested scrolls.” The Tor edition will initially be hardback and eventually trade paperback and probably e-book, I suppose.

    Tor saves a little money by reusing the PS interior design, which is a nice one. It’s not unusual these days for SF books to appear in a separate PS edition in the United Kingdom. I won’t actually travel to the UK for the release.

  5. Alex Says:

    Here’s the review of Jim and the Flims, I placed on Amazon.

    – – – –

    I was laughing out loud by page four.

    Easy to read, funny and as usual with Rudy Rucker, packed full of interesting ideas. Some critics say “when anything and everything is possible, nothing is interesting”, but Rudy Rucker truly goes beyond “anything and everything”, this a rich and hugely enjoyable journey to places no writer has ever been before. That said, I do realise this intense richness of ideas may be a challenge for some readers, so open your mind and enjoy the trip!

    Charles Howard Hinton makes a brief appearance, which is a nice touch if your familiar with his work. Also features a very clever and original way to find the “mystic portal” and the method of closing the same portal is also very clever. Somewhat similar themes to his book ‘White Light’, so if you enjoyed that, you’ll love this.

    – – –

    Hope you like the review!

    btw, on Page 199 the seems to be an error. Line 13 – Should that not be Ginnie and not Weena? (Given Weena is already dead)

  6. Alex Says:

    and here is the review of ‘Nested Scrolls’ (the UK edition).

    I’m a huge Rudy Rucker fan, so I was a little nervous about reading his autobiography in case
    I found some unappealing revelations.
    I didn’t need to worry, it a wonderful book and a wonderful life he has had so far.

    His observations on life in general are sincerely profound. Especially when talking about his children.
    It all confirms my feeling that a happy life is one where you try to be kind to others,
    have some fun and if your lucky enough, have a few kids along the way.

    A few of my favorite quotes should give you a feeling of how funny,
    outrageous and poignant this book is.

    “I’m, so glad to be leaving Virginia… I feel like a Jew leaving Hitler’s Germany”

    Even though it sounds like he had a pretty good time in Virginia and
    any ‘repression’ real or imagined, actually stimulated his creativity.)

    I liked this part as well
    “A family’s parade of days… It seemed like it would never end,
    but now, looking back, it didn’t last nearly long enough”

    One of America’s greatest living writers, albeit sadly underated in
    his own country, has produced an excellent memoir.
    I wish it had been a few hundred pages more.

    Hopefully he will live to be at least 100 and
    then maybe we can get a 2nd volume.

  7. Will Harris Says:

    I absolutely loved Jim and the Flims

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