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Last updated by Rudy Rucker, April 2, 1017

The Chaos Software

As of April 2, 2017, the primary site for the Chaos executable, source, and manual is on GitHub.
Go to

* Download the CHAOS executables and support files from GitHub.   After downloading the file, unzip the file. It will create a Chaos directory and copy all the executables and support files into the directory.

* Read or download the Chaos Manual on GitHub as a PDF.

*Get the Chaos Source at our GitHub site as well.

The software was written by  Josh Gordon, Rudy Rucker and John Walker for Autodesk, Inc., with Josh Gordon doing the lion's share of the programming work. The 199 Autodesk release was based on the wonderful James Gleick book Chaos

What's In Chaos

CHAOS has six modules.

MANDEL. A very fast Mandelbrot set program, incorporating: quadratic and cubic Mandelbrots, various fill patterns, quadratic and cubic Julias, and the gnarly "cubic Mandelbrot catalog" Rudy set. The image in the background of this page is the RHORSE.FRP parameter set for the Rudy set. You can also run these rules with the modern Ultra Fractal software instead of with CHAOS, as described on Rucker's blog post, "The Rudy Set as the ultimate Cubic Mandelbrot."

MAGNETS... A Pendulum and Magnets program showing chaotic physical motion.

ATTRACT. A Strange Attractors program showing some of the Hall of Famers as the Lorenz Attractor, the Logistic Map, the Yorke Attractor, the Henon Attractor, etc.

GAME. A "Chaos Game", which is a Barnsley Fractals program showing Iterated Function System fractals such as the famous "fern".

FORGE. A "Fractal Forgeries" program that shows mountain ranges based on random fractals.

TOY. A "Toy Universes" program that shows some cellular automata.

Using DOSBox to Run CHAOS

The CHAOS program ran under earlier versions of Windows as a full-screen DOS session, accessible by clicking on one of the batch files in the Chaos directory. But starting with Windows XP with service pack SP2 and cointuing into Windows 7, CHAOS no longer runs directly in Windows.

The fix! Run CHAOS using the open source DOSBox ware, downloadable for free at the site As of March, 2017, the latest DOSBox build is 0.74. You don't need to download a "Frontend."

Details about using DOSBox are on our GitHub site.

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