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“Everything is Alive” Talk; Live Worms Show

[My new cover painting for Spacetime Donuts, probably appearing as POD book this summer.]

Talk today: Monday April 7 2008, 5 p.m, Multipurpose Room, Student Union, Sonoma State Unverisity.

The Lifebox, The Seashell and The Soul, Dr. Rudy Rucker, Noted Author, Mathematician, Programmer and Life Hacker.

“Dr. Rucker is one of the original Cyberpunk authors and his prescient imagination never ceases to amaze. He has written numerous fiction and nonfiction works detailing the deep philosophical foundations of mathematics, artificial life, Artificial Intelligence, future technology and the meaning of life. Dr. Rucker will discuss his radical views on the future relationship between humanity and technology, presenting his argument that ‘Everything Is Alive’.”

Linkage: Link to the talk in PDF form.
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Also coming up this week:

[New painting by me, started at Four Mile Beach on Jan 14, 2008, “The Muse”]

A group show at Live Worms Gallery on 1345 Grant Street (between Green and Vallejo) in North Beach, based on the Caunes-Minervois Painting session with Glen Moriwaki in June 2007.

Paintings by our teacher, Glen Moriwaki, and the 5 artists who painted in Caunes: Kevin Brown, Paul, Barbara Hefennan, Rudy Rucker, Sylvia Rucker. As well as “The Muse,” I’ll be showing the Hylozoic triptych and “Minervois Awning.” [Images of these at my paintings page.]

Show Dates: April 8-12th.

Opening party Friday, April 11th from 5-7 p.m.

8 Responses to ““Everything is Alive” Talk; Live Worms Show”

  1. Steve H Says:

    As usual, blasts of amazing, vivid color!

  2. Kelson Says:

    Flippin sweet!

  3. sukkurali Says:

    what you mean everything isalive. dead as o rock!

  4. sep Says:

    everything is higly symbolic

  5. Jonathan Trainham Says:

    Nice paintings Rudy very psychedelic in a folk painter way! AWESOME!!

    PS: Check out this painting by one of my favorite painters, it inspired a cyber-punk story in me called simply what the title of the painting is:

    TAKE CARE RUDY can’t wait for your next book!!

  6. Jonathan Trainham Says:

    Sorry the image tag failed but anyway the painting is by David Alfaro Siqueiros and the TITLE of the painting is: Echo Of A Scream, google it and be amazed everyone!!


  7. Steve H Says:

    sukkarali, rock will never die.

  8. gary Says:

    Awe Inspiring! Also could be used as psychedelic tattoo designs!
    Anybody could wear a panther, but roll up your sleeve & sport a sex sphere!!!

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