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36 books from newest to oldest: 25 novels, 5 popluar science books, 1 textbook, 1 book of essays, 1 book of stories, 1 memoir, 1 book of journals, and 1 book of paintings. Also listed are anthologies, omnibus editions, books edited, audio & video,, and software. Last updated February 12, 2022.


36. Juicy Ghosts, Transreal Books, 2021. Juicy Ghosts page.

35. Million Mile Road Trip, Night Shade Books, 2019. Million Mile Road Trip page.

34. Return to the Hollow Earth, Transreal Books, 2018. Hollow Earth page.

33. Journals 1990-2014, Transreal Books 2015. Journals page.

32. The Big Aha, Transreal Books 2013, Night Shade 2019. The Big Aha page.

31. Turing & Burroughs, Transreal Books 2012, Night Shade 2019. Turing & Burroughs page.

30. Better Worlds, Art book of Rucker's paintings. Transreal Books 2013. (Updated annually.) Better Worlds page.

29. Collected Essays. Transreal Books , 2012.

28. Complete Stories. Transreal Books, 2012. (Updated annualy.)

27. Nested Scrolls, Autobiography. PS Publishing 2011, Tor Books, 2011. Nested Scrolls page.

26. Jim and the Flims, Night Shade Books, 2011 & 2019, Transreal Books, 2016. Jim and the Flims page.

25. Hylozoic, Tor Books, 2009. Hylozoic page.

24. Postsingular, Tor Books, 2007. Postsingular page.

23. Mathematicians in Love, Tor Books, 2006, Transreal Books 2016, Night Shade 2019. Mathematicians in Love page.

22. The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul, Nonfiction, Basic Books, 2005, Transreal Books, 2016. Lifebox page.

21. Frek and the Elixir, Tor Books, 2004. Frek page.

20. As Above, So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel, Historical novel, Forge Books, 2002. As Above, So Below page.

19. Software Engineering and Computer Games, Textbook, Addison-Wesley, 2002. Computer Games page.

18. Spaceland, Tor Books, 2002. Spaceland page.

17. Realware, Avon Books 2000. Included with Wetware, Freeware and Realware in The Ware Tetralogy, 2010. Wares page.

16. Saucer Wisdom, Tor Books, 1999. Transreal Books, 2016, Night Shade 2019. Saucer Wisdom page.

15. Freeware, Avon Books 1997. Included with Wetware, Freeware and Realware in The Ware Tetralogy, 2010. Wares page.

14. The Hacker and the Ants, !st ed., Avon Books 1994, 2nd ed., Four Walls Eight Windows 2003. Amazon page.

13. All The Visions, memoir/novel. 1st ed., Ocean View Books, 1991. 2nd ed.,Transreal Books 2014. All The Visions page.

12. The Hollow Earth, William Morrow & Co. 1990, Avon Books 1992, Monkeybrain Books, 2006. Hollow Earth page

11. Wetware, Avon Books 1988, Avon Books 1997. Included with Wetware, Freeware and Realware in The Ware Tetralogy, 2010. Wares page.

10. Mind Tools, Nonfiction, Houghton Mifflin 1987. Dover 2013. Amazon page.

9. The Secret of Life, Bluejay Books 1985. Electric Story. Reprinted in Transreal Trilogy, 2014. Transreal Books, 2016. Night Shade Books, 2019, Secret of Life page.

8. Master of Space and Time, Bluejay Books 1984, Baen Books 1985, Thunder's Mouth Press 2005. Amazon page

7. The Fourth Dimension, Nonfiction, Houghton Mifflin 1984. Dover 2014. Amazon page.

6. The Sex Sphere, Ace Books 1983. Ereads 2009. Open Road Media 2014. Transreal Books, 2016. Night Shade Books, 2019. Sex Sphere page.

5. Software, Ace Books 1982, Avon Books 1987, Avon Books 1997. Included with Wetware, Freeware and Realware in The Ware Tetralogy, 2010. Wares page.

4. Infinity and the Mind, Nonfiction, Birkhäuser 2982, Bantam 1983, Princeton University Press, 1995, 2004.  Amazon page.

3. White Light, Ace Books 1980, Wired Books 1997, Four Walls Eight Windows 2001. Transreal Books, 2016, Night Shade 2019. White Light page.

2. Spacetime Donuts, Ace Books 1981. Ereads 2009, Open Road Media 2014. Transreal Books, 2016. Night Shade Books, 2019, Spacetime Donuts page.

1. Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension, Nonfiction, Dover 1977. Amazon page.

Anthologies & Omnibus Editions

The stories and essays all appear in Complete Stories and Collected Essays.

The Hollow Earth and Return to the Hollow Earth, omnibus. Transreal Books, 2018. Omnibus.

Transreal Cyberpunk, Nine Stories with Bruce Sterling, Transreal Books 2016. Transreal Cyberpunk page.

Transreal Trilogy, omnibus of Secret of Life, White Light, and Saucer Wisdom. Transreal Books 2014. Transreal Trilogy page.

Surfing the Gnarl, Chapbook with interview. PM Press. 2012.

The Ware Tetralogy, omnibus of Software, Wetware, Freeware and Realware. Prime Books, 2010. Wares page.

Mad Professor, Stories, Thunder's Mouth Press, 2007. Amazon page.

Gnarl!, Stories, Four Walls Eight Windows, 2000. Amazon page.

Seek!, Essays, Four Walls Eight Windows, 1999. Amazon page.

Transreal!, Poetry, fiction and essays, WCS Books 1991. 

The Fifty-Seventh Franz Kafka, Stories, Ace Books 1983

Editing Projects

Be Not Content, by William J. Craddock. Novel of the psychedelic revolution, originally published 1970. Republished by Transreal Books, with an intro by Rudy. Blog post about the book.

MONDO 2000: A User's Guide to the New Edge, edited with Queen Mu and R.U. Sirius. HaperCollins, 1992. (Out of print.)

Semiotex(e) SF, edited with Peter Lamborn Wilson and Robert Anton Wilson. Autonomedia 1989. (In print (?) Contact Autonomedia, 55 S. 11th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211-0568.)

Mathenauts: Tales of Mathematical Wonder. Arbor House, 1987. (Out of print.)

Speculations on the Fourth Dimension: Selected Writings of Charles Howard Hinton. Dover, 1983..

Audio & Video

Like A Passing River. Spoken word and classical music CD, with Roy Whelden, Karen Clark, and American Baroque. New Albion Records, 1995.

Cellular Automata video and, Media Magic, 1990. Available on Rudy Rucker's YouTube channel, along with other videos.

Also see Rudy Rucker's Podcasts.


CAPOW   Continuous-Valued Cellular Automata.  Windows software for simulating 1D and 2D continuous valued cellular automata, 1994-1998. Written by Rudy Rucker and his students.

BOPPERS.  Artificial Life Laboratory.   First published as Artificial Life Lab, Waite Group, 1993.

James Gleick's CHAOS: The Software.   Written by James Glieck, Josh Gordon, Rudy Rucker and John Walker. Autodesk, 1990.

CELLAB.  Discrete-Valued Cellular Automata Laboratory.  Originally released as CA Lab: Rudy Rucker's Cellular Automata Laboratory. Written by Rudy Rucker and John Walker. Autodesk 1989. Rewritten as the WebCA browser app by John Walker in 2017.