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Better Worlds: Paintings by Rudy Rucker
Color Paperback, 277 pages. October, 2022 edition.
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231 fantastical paintings by transreal cyberpunk author Rudy Rucker, including his notes on them. This edition was updated in August, 2022. Rucker took up painting twenty years ago, when he was writing a novel about Peter Bruegel---and he's been at it ever since. Rucker's paintings are colorful and surreal, many with connections to his novels.

Online Versions

Free online PDF version of the entire book Better Worlds, with illos, and with notes at the back. It's medium mesultion, about 50 Meg, so it takes a minute to appear on your screen. Read online or download for later.

Read the Notes section of the book online on the Rudy's Paintings page, which also has info on purchasing the paintings..