Journals 1990-2014

Rudy Rucker
Transreal Books
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828 pages.

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Ride the wave with Rudy Rucker—author, programmer, mathematician, professor, cyberpunk, hipster, transrealist and family man. A writer's journey.

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Blurbs for Journals

One of the more interesting and least probable characters around Silicon Valley is Rudy Rucker. His Journals capture, with the proper dose of absurdity, Silicon Valley at the millennium’s cusp, a digitized microcosm of the human paradox, simultaneously beautiful and futile, like a wry batch of contaminated ethanol torched by humor. These readable and witty chronicles shine 4D sunlight on a human time period when the collective brain punched through former perceived limits—with the aid of code and chemicals. It's an era which is only now finding a literary context. Rucker always surprises.
      —Dan Pulcrano, Metro Silicon Valley

The publication of Rudy Rucker's Journals beautifully supplements his astonishing autobiography, Nested Scrolls. For anyone who has marvelled at Rucker's gonzo, idea-rich fiction, this behind-the-scene account of his daily inspirations, brainstorms, detours and dead ends will be essential reading. But far more than that, it shows us the man behind the keyboard, so to speak: father, husband, citizen of the galaxy.       —Paul Di Filippo, author of The Steampunk Trilogy.

Rucker's Journals are great. I fear he will be famous, long after he's gone, for providing the best picture of late American society. Out-peeps Pepys.
      —Terry Bisson, author of Any Day Now .

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Reviews of Rucker's Autiobiography, Nested Scrolls

Immensely entertaining, spirited and deep. Rudy Rucker at his thoughtful best. — Greg Bear

Pleasantly meandering, chattily digressive read. We hear the authentic voice of the beat, the hippie, the cyberpunk, the hacker the revolutionary iconoclast. — Locus

Rucker knew from an early age that he wanted to be a beatnik writer. It makes for a fascinating story, and reads like Rucker’s novels, packed with adventures, filled with humor, and often quite surreal. — Booklist

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