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Podcast #113. “Logic, Gnarl, Writing, Painting.”

August 1, 2022. I was invited to give a plenary lecture at the Bridges group’s “Mathematics & Art” conference in Helsinki, Finland. Over my long career, I’ve used math, computer graphics, writing, and painting as ways to express myself, and to get clearer images of certain things that interest me.  Four channels, all looking at the same thing. Mathematical logic, fractals, science fiction, post-pop surrealism. It was good for me to give this talk, as I’d never quite realized that for me it’s all the same thing.  A draft of the talk appears with the slides in my previous blog post.  To hear the audio alone, press the button below to hear “Logic, Gnarl, Writing, Painting.”


Alternately, you can play a video of the talk on YouTube, and the video includes the slides.

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