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My Complete Stories Online

For purposes of SF vitality, and as a kind of promotional move, I’ve decided to put a full copy of my Complete Stories online as a free HTML page. This isn’t a Creative Commons release, it’s a free sample. As before, Complete Stories is Copyright © 2012 Rudy Rucker as a volume, and the individual stories are copyrighted to their authors. If you like what you see, you can buy an ebook or a print version of Complete Stories via the links at Transreal Books.

This huge collection includes collaborations with Bruce Sterling, Paul Di Filippo, Marc Laidlaw, John Shirley, Rudy Rucker Jr., Terry Bisson, and Eileen Gunn.

Just for fun, I’ll post the covers of my earlier story collections, along with the Asimov’s SF magazine covers that feature images of my stories—three of the Asimov’s covers are of tales I co-authored with the redoubtable Bruce Sterling, and one shows a cover of a surfing tale I wrote with Marc Laidlaw.

The Fifty-Seventh Franz Kafka, SF stories, Ace Books 1983.

Transreal!, poems, SF stories and essays, WCS Books 1991.

Gnarl!, SF stories, Four Walls Eight Windows, 2000.

Mad Professor, SF stories, Thunder’s Mouth Press, January 2007.

Complete Stories, all my SF stories as a single ebook or as two print volumes, Transreal Books, 2012

The three Asimov’s covers with Bruce.

Tunguska was a reality-changing UFO—let Laika and the mushrooms show you.

Tweak your “Junk DNA” and become a master of reality.

Giant ants!

And here’s my cover with Marc.

All of reality becomes one perfect wave.

Not to mention the further strange tales by me and my collaborators. Rude boy says check it out.

10 Responses to “My Complete Stories Online”

  1. Lee Says:

    typo in link
    The Square Root of Pythagoras (Written with Pal Di Filippo)

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks, Rudy!

  3. Randy Walters Says:

    Shazmat! I cannot believe there are only two responses to this so far!

    Thank you so much. I converted this into am EPUB file, and put it on my iPad. What a treasure… now I’m hooked. Big trouble.

  4. icastico Says:

    I love that you’re doing this.

  5. Alex Says:

    Excellent! I’ll download those today.
    I got my print copies of Vols.1 and 2
    from Amazon last week.

    btw. Who did the cover for ‘Fifty-Seventh Franz Kafka’?
    I’ve always liked that, and the book itself doesn’t give a credit.

  6. Richard M Stallman Says:

    I would be even happier if there were a way I could pay you
    anonymously if I like them. (I take pains never to identify myself
    when I buy a book.)

  7. Rudy Says:

    Alex, I can’t remember who did the 57th FK cover, but will let you know if I find out again.

    Richard, I’m happy to have such an illustrious reader! If you want to pay for the book, buy the EPUB edition from Transreal Books, and if you want to be anonymous for that transaction, why not have a PayPal account with something other than your primary name on it?

  8. EH Says:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t get any awesomer…

  9. JamesPadraicR Says:

    According to ISFDB that cover is by Bruce Ricker

    I really hope you find a publisher for “Turing & Burroughs”. Though if you put it out yourself, I’ll buy it. I want to read that book.

  10. Alexander Goedde Says:

    Thanks for the free offer. Read a couple stories and went and bought the Ebook directly from Transreal.
    No DRM was what clinched the deal for me – I hate having to jump through hoops to be able to read a book using my current favourite eBook reading app (and probably breaking a law or two in the process).

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