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I’ve lost my rhythm of blogging, so today I’m trying to get started again. I’ll just be posting a variety of stray photos in my files with my comments.

Rudy, Jr., took my picture in a clown wig the other day.

I’ve been to the San Jose airport a couple of times. They have a fairly awesome robot/sculpture at the arrivals gate in terminal A.

A rooftop in Geneva. I love rooftops.

A stone leg in Lisbon, with inlaid tiling.

A beat old roll-up shade in Lisbon. I like how funky Lisbon is.

A plumber’s truck in Lisbon. When the driver’s in the van, the drawing on the door represents his body.

A pipe draining into the flume at Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos. It’s still overflowing a little bit.

Moray eels at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I went there with my big brother Embry. It was jam-packed as usual.

A fence in Berkeley. I’m always a little amazed at how well perspective takes care of itself.

Yet another picture of the Mittens in Monument Valley this summer.

Some laundry in Lisbon. The laundry adds a lot of color to the narrow streets.

The food bar at the Museum of Tiles in Lisbon. This is a great place.

A waterfall near the Lexington Reservoir near Los Gatos. I like the contrast between the analog flow of the water and the digital steps of the concrete walls of the fall.

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