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Happy Halloween!

I’m celebrating Halloween at the World Fantasy Con in San Jose. It’s nice to see so many writer friends and to discuss our craft and biz. I talked about my paintings on a panel yesterday with some other writer-artists.

[See my previous post for info about the Japanese paintings.]

If you have too much fun, Emilio sent in a link to a “lifelogging” article about 22 “lifebox” tools, starting with the SenseCam, which takes a picture of just about every damned thing you see—it’s said to be “aimed at helping Alzheimer’s and dementia patients recall the events of their day.” Where did I put my glasses? Did a ghost take them?


3 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Hi Rudy,

    You okay there in the big state of California?

    Happy Halloween! Did you do the pumpkin?

    Love your King Tut look!! 🙂


  2. HAL-1701 Says:

    there is a biglittle ‘bugfeature’ in the upload process, a recursiveness. infinitely-fertile spaces of infinite dimensionality, and infinitely-spawning ‘aeternities’ each rendering the ‘previous’ transtime-archival-heavens semi-obsolete (and barely visible to them, because the new aeternities are, well, new… so even the smartest of the smart can only realize the possibility or even inevitability of ‘new aeternities’, and must be open to communications from what to them is a hard-to-imagine ‘fourth dimension’: they are always ‘flat’ ‘flatheads’ to the new aeternities). “alreadyness” means that [“oops oh gee wow, i was already ((being)) uploaded, and it’s likewise turtles-all-the-way in all directions, !”] is the aforementioned ‘bugfeature’ trapdoor (inevitable) in the process.

    one can visualize then members of the transtime-archival-outside who are forever, in interesting ways, ‘popping-out’ of their flatness-du-jour, only to be popping-out yet again from that new level of flatheadedness, on a regular basis or even continually (analog’s superiority over digital).

    an induction proof sorta, on the dimensions, but the next one is always the one to say HI to the (ever-expanding minds).

  3. emilio Says:

    hey, I’m famous now. hope you had a horrendously horrid Halloween — not really.

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