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Publicity, Met, Pig Chef, Rucker Party

I met with some of the Thunder’s Mouth Press people helping to publish The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul: my publicist Anne Sullivan, my editor and long-time publisher John Oakes, and head of publicity Karen Auerbach.

We were at the Met earlier. Here’s two shots of a guy going up some stairs.

Back on the street I saw an ad for a new restuarant opened by our national execs. Note the sinister Pig Chef theme — ever consider the fact that pig chefs are cannibals devoted to murdering their fellows and selling off their oil-roasted flesh to the highest bidders?

On a completely random note, a guy called Dave Horowitz writes that he’s having “a tiny party in a small downstairs bar on Avenue A” and to add to the luster of the occasion he made up some posters as if Washer Drop were playing there!

Unfortunately, I won’t be in NYC anymore by then, or I could belt out come choruses of “Chainsaw Crying Clown” and “Hundred-Percent *sshole!”

2 Responses to “Publicity, Met, Pig Chef, Rucker Party”

  1. Steve H Says:

    Rudy –
    I’ve always thought pigs were almost disturbingly humanlike, and one of their most disturbing characteristics is their willingness to shill for BBQ joints. “Come on in to Billy Bob’s BBQ,” carols the talking hog, “and try our ribs! Wait, what am I saying? Bad idea, have the chicken today,” and so on. Chickens and shrimp are also willing to sell their fellows via advertising, but pigs outnumber them ten to one. People would be willing to do this in the same situation (“Come on down to Zombie Tom’s BBQ and try my ribs. Or brains. Wait, not mine personally! AAArgh!”) which is why pigs seem so human. It worries me philosophically to eat something as smart as a pig, but they’d eat us without a second thought so I guess it evens out.

  2. Dave Horowitz Says:

    Wow Thanks for the nod Rudy,
    Just ordered Frek and the Elixir. I will read it as soon as i finish The Cryptonomicon (its HUGE but I love it.)

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