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Eddie Marritz

Today I saw my old friend Eddie Marritz (mentioned earlier in the blog). He was having lunch with his sassy, gnomic, crisp, lovely daughter Leda.

Eddy was excited about getting some of his photographs printed up for a possible gallery show. Like me, he likes taking pictures of moving water. But he’s a pro.

We hung out for awhile at the Miro coffee shop on Broadway in SoHo. Their walls are a nice color.

I’ve known Eddy for a long time; he’s like a brother.

It was really hot today, like 95 and very humid. That classic East Coast summer weather that I haven't experienced in several years.

4 Responses to “Eddie Marritz”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Hey Rudy,
    Thanks for the free buzz. Actually, “freebuzzing” is the name of the squeak I make by blowing compressed air through tight lips. I’m told trumpet players do this. It also might explain my current countenence. By the way, I still have a copy of “Dead Pigs” on vhs.

  2. Mac Says:

    Posthuman Blues
    Sassy and gnomic . . . *sigh*

  3. Avery K. Says:

    Gnomic? Is that complimentary?

  4. Rudy Says:

    According to Wiktionary, gnomic means “Mysterious and often incomprehensible yet seemingly wise.” It’s meant as a compliment in this context.

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