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Reminder, ELSA on Friday, 8PM

I’ll be performing with Phil Curtis at a small-scale event called ELSA, that is, ELectron SAlon #11, on Friday, June 3rd, in Santa Cruz, doors at 7:30, Phil and I start at 8 PM. Further info is in an earlier blog entry of mine. I'll read a story, Phil will make music, and for video accompaniment, we'll be running these nine CAPOW rules live. The story's rather short, so if I finish too soon, maybe I'll read an alternate cut-up version as well.

3 Responses to “Reminder, ELSA on Friday, 8PM”

  1. r.s Says:

    Ok, looking forward to it.

  2. Darius Says:

    The photo accompanied in this post makes me relaxed and at the same time nauseated. It reminds me of a painting that I have viewed last week on a museum. I like the different color of the photo but the randomness of the lines and shapes makes my mind a little messed up. I wonder why you chose to attached this photo in this post.

  3. Rudy Says:

    Darius, if you look at the link in the post you’re talking about, you can get information about continuous valued cellular automata, Zhabotinsky patterns, and why I like the gnarl of these images. They’re not really “random” as there is an underlying algorithm, and the shapes have a lifelike kind of order to them. I might as well mention that my autobiography appears in December under the title NESTED SCROLLS, the title inspired in part by these kinds of patterns. More on this at

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