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Frek, Pixies

Frek was picked as a “perfect ten” book by VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocate), a magazine for librarians.

“Frek’s mythic adolescent odyssey to explore his roots and find his self is told with enchanting ingenuity and brilliantly conceived new creatures and characters—some elfin, some gross, and others just funny.”

We saw the Pixies in San Jose last night. It was so great. I’ve always thought Kim Deal was one of the coolest women in the world. I love her voice. I lifted this picture of her from a fan site. There is no “official” Pixies site. Kim looked so happy. Like a goofy friend you have who’s always grinning. Musicians are such different people. And where to begin talking about Black Francis?

Somehow he reminded me of a Francis Bacon painting ( image source). So oddly-shaped, and his joints swiveling in strange higher-dimensional ways, his head sliding onto his stomach as he leans back. What a voice.

They did “Wave of Mutilation” twice. I assume they’re referring to cattle mutilation — though with Black Francis, you never know. The first time he sang it alone, and the second time Kim sang along. How beautiful his voice is.

The final encore was “Debaser.” Kim crooning singing the word “Debaser” just a bit off the beat. The crowd cheering and pumping fists on the “Chien Andalou” chorus. That’s an old Dada movie by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel, you wave. What a combo. Great, strange art.

8 Responses to “Frek, Pixies”

  1. Mac Says:

    Posthuman Blues
    Knowing what comes next makes me wince at that “Andalou” picture. Ouch!

  2. Andrew Says:

    If any book is a perfect “10,” it is Frek. I have read your books for about 20 years now, and Frek is absolutly my favourite.
    Andrew Beatty

  3. COOP Says:

    My purple 1950 Ford custom had “Un Chien Andalou” painted on the trunk lid, and the bullet in the grill was painted like an eyeball. For some reason, this really bugged Robt. Williams!
    The Pixies are still the best, easpecially all those songs about UFOs.

  4. Chris Capuozzo Says:

    Frek is F*cking incredible-wild wild wild-my son Cal (13) hijacked it from me after I showed him a page to read. I doff the hat (yet again) to ‘da Rucker…
    will hollywood sci-fi ever catch up?
    Dal Tokyo by Gary Panter makes me feel the same way-untapped -next level sci-fi
    I ‘m a true believer
    Pixies goodies:

  5. Kathryn Cramer Says:

    I agree with the VOYA assessment. I read it to Peter and he loved it. I think you should write more of these.
    (Full disclosure for those not in the loop: I’m married to the book’s editor.)

  6. Kelson Philo Says:

    Wow. Now I’m just going to have to dive throught this entire 4D snapshot of everything ya got going….

  7. Dav Says:

    I felt in love with this women too. Soo beautiful, such a nice voice…

    Greetings from Barcelona…

  8. Igre Says:

    She is so awesome! Wish I could see her live :S

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