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Billboard Liberation Front: To Serve Man

Check it out, an altered McDonald's billboard in the Haight, including an actual moving animatronic Ronald McD. The tagline is from a Golden Age (1953) SF story by Damon Knight (later adapted for The Twilight Zone) where some aliens arrive and say they're here to serve man, and they're herding people into the giant mothership to go to a better world, and they have this special alien guidebook called To Serve Man and then someone figures out that it's a … cookbook.

Details at Laughing Squid.

3 Responses to “Billboard Liberation Front: To Serve Man”

  1. Brad W Says:

    And before that cool SF story I think it was from a Gilbert and Sullivan play, wherein it was presented in song how to prepare homo-sapiens for culinary excellence!

  2. Steve H Says:

    … with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Smack, slurp, gobble. Too late, aliens. Advertising ate our brains already.

  3. Mike Lorrey Says:

    Isn’t it just one more modest proposal in a long line?

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