Rudy Rucker's Online PDF Files

Updated March 20, 2015. The files are sorted in the order they were added to this site, with the newer postings first.

For Rucker's stories, go to his online Complete Stories.

For Rucker's essays, go to his online Collected Essays.

Some of the links below also appear on Rucker's page, Notes on Writing.

play.pdf: Play from 1992, "As Above, So Below," also called "Mamma Mandelglob UFO."
blurb.pdf: Blurbs for Rucker's books
searchforinfinity.pdf: "The Search for Infinity," my script for unmade IMAX movie about Mandelbrot set.
wallace_review.pdf: Review of David Foster Wallace's INFINITY AND MORE
rucker_transhuman_fe...pdf : Slides for talk on BIG AHA
notesforthebigaha.pdf : Notes for BIG AHA
dot_patterns_for_bir...pdf : Dot patterns for birthday cards
ebook_pod_bookmarks...pdf. : Useful bookmarks for making ebook and POD books
sanjose_cs_colloq_no...pdf : Slides for talk on "Future Computation"
interviewsposted.pdf : Cumulative interviews with Rucker
c2sv.pdf : Slides for a talk on self-publishing
Rucker_Interview_BIG...pdf : LOCUS interview with Rucker on BIG AHA
Rucker Wolfram Dialo...pdf : Dialog with Stephen Wolfram
turing&burroughsnote...pdf : Notes for TURING & BURROUGHS
rucker_talkswithkurt...pdf : Handwritten notes on talks with Kurt Godel
rucker_softwareengin...pdf : SOFTWARE ENGINEERING & COMPUTER GAMES textbook
nestedscrollsnotespo...pdf : Notes for NESTED SCROLLS
notesforjimandthefli...pdf : Notes for JIM AND THE FLIMS
sellingyourself_full...pdf : Talk on "Selling Yourself"
sellingyourself_powe...pdf : Slides for "Selling Yourself"
rucker_marvell_lifeb...pdf : "Lifebox Immortality," with Leon Marvell
rucker_cyberculture_...pdf : "Cyberculture in Japan" Journal Notes
frekandtheelixirnote...pdf : Notes for FREK AND THE ELIXIR
rucker_continuous_CA...pdf : "Continuous Valued Cellular Automata in 2D"
bisson_rucker_billys...pdf : BILLY'S BOOK, by Terry Bisson, Illos by Rucker
writerstoolkit.pdf : A WRITER'S TOOLKIT
rucker_new_SF_future...pdf : "New Futures in SF"
martingardner_by_rud...pdf : "Martin Gardner"
artificiallifelab.pdf : Manual for ARTIFICIAL LIFE LAB
japanesemonsterscrol...pdf : Images from a Japanese scroll
rucker_IFTF_oct_13_2...pdf : Slides for "Everything is a Computation" talk
madprofessor_intro_2...pdf : Introduction to MAD PROFESSOR antho
hylozoicnotesposted.pdf: Notes for HYLOZOIC
banchoff_charles_hin...pdf : Tom Banchoff info on Charles Hinton & 4D
rucker_charles_hinto...pdf : My intro to book of Charles Hinton essays on 4D
rucker_nestedscrolls...pdf : Excerpt from NESTED SCROLLS, chapter on being a computer hacker.
icfatalk2005.pdf : ICFA writing talk on "Seek the Gnarl"
rucker_among_the_hac...pdf : Old essay on becoming a computer hacker
readercon_7_12_2003.pdf: Readercon talk, "Power Chords, Thought Experiments, Transrealism and Monomyths"
transrealistmanifest...pdf : My 1983 essay, "A Transrealist Manefesto"
kyoto_lifeisagnarlyc...pdf : Slides for Kyoto talk, "Life is a Gnarly Computation."
manualofevasion.pdf : Memoir about acting in a Portuguese film with Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson.
postsingularnotespos...pdf : Notes for POSTSINGULAR
ruckerfamilytreelarg...pdf : Zoomable GIF of family tree of my father's family: Rucker.
mathlovenotesposted.pdf: Notes for MATHEMATICIANS IN LOVE
ilm_may_18_2006.pdf : Slides for talk on "Gnarly Computation" at Industrial Light and Magic.
vonbittertreelarge.pdf : Family tree of my mother's family, von Bitter.
autobiography2004.pdf : Autobiographical note with photos, for Contemporary Authors.
wolfram_review.pdf : Rucker review of Wolfram's A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE.
phil115_finalreview_...pdf : Review questions for my 2005 course at SJSU: "Computation and Philosophy."
realwarenotes.pdf : Notes for REALWARE
hackerantnotes.pdf : Notes for THE HACKER AND THE ANTS
freewarenotesposted.pdf: Notes for FREEWARE
spacelandnotesposted...pdf : Notes for SPACELAND
mit_oct_31_2005.pdf : Slides for talk on "Gnarly Computation" at Media Lab, MIT.
lifeboxmidtermreview...pdf : Photos of blackboards with review material for my 2005 course at SJSU: "Computation and Philosophy."

icfa_march_18_2005.pdf : Slides for talk on my LIFEBOX tome at International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, 2005.
softwareinhollywood.pdf: "SOFTWARE in Hollywood" Memoir
mavridesinterview.pdf : MONDO 2000 Interview with Paul Mavrides
historyofgnarl.pdf : The Past and Future History of Gnarly Computation.
saucerwisdomnotespos...pdf : Notes for SAUCER WISDOM
davekelly.pdf : Poem: "Circle Song" by Dave Kelly