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Talk: Transrealism, Beatniks, TURING & BURROUGHS


(Revised this post on Aug 30, 2012) I gave a talk and reading in Gloucester, Mass, on Wednesday night, 7:30 pm, Aug 29, 2012, at the Gloucester Writers Center.

I made a podcast of the event. You can click on the icon below to access the podcast via my Feedburner podcast station.

(Note that Feedburner only shows my most recent podcasts. For older audio files, see my Podcasts page, which runs back to 2005.)

My topics were transreal SF and beatnik writing, particularly that of William Burroughs. I gave a short reading from TURING & BURROUGHS, folowed by Q&A touching on Burroughs’s cut-up technique and contrasts between fantasy vs. SF. The introduction is by my old friend and fellow writer Gregory Gibson.

You can see the web announcement of the talk here. And see the poster below (note that my novel’s title has changed from THE TURING CHRONICLES to TURING & BURROUGHS.)

gloucester writers center talk

I’m here thanks to my old writer friend Gregory Gibson, and thanks to Henry Ferrini. As well as spreading the word on Beatnik SF, I’m pre-promoting my upcoming TURING & BURROUGHS novel.

Be there if you can. And if you weren’t, see the podcast link at the stat of this post.


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