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“The Abduction”

Reminder: I’ll be reading at
Borderlands, 3 PM, Saturday, June 6, San Francisco and
Moe’s Books 7:30 PM, Sunday Jun 7, Berkeley.

I finished a new painting today, “The Abduction.” You can click on the image below to see a larger version.

I painted this scene to help visualize a chapter in my novel, Jim and the Flims. In the background we have a giant geranium plant that’s being used as a castle by a race of flying people called the flims. In the foreground, a man’s girlfriend is being abducted by an alien yuel who’s taken on the shape of a dinosaur. The sun is a glowing alien being that’s known as the Supreme Jiva and is shaped like a beet. On the left is my old dog, Arf. What could be more natural?

As always, you can get more info at my Paintings page.

And now I’m hoping to spend some time with the writing muse. Here’s a sculpture of her by my old friend Jim Skinner. Maybe she’s the reading muse, actually. I like how her bronze aura forms a quilted wingback chair…

5 Responses to ““The Abduction””

  1. Steve H Says:

    Stay good, Barney! Stay good!
    Arf has become your totem animal, or possibly your muse of painting.
    Love the muse, but is she sitting on a coprolith? Maybe it’s her slush pile . . .

  2. Rudy Says:

    Oh, god, I was so dreading that someone would say Barney. Et tu, Steve?

    Maybe I’ll change his skin color to blue…

    Three and a half hours later (5:45)…okay, I did another layer on this picture, put some blue over the dinosaur although, yeah, he’s still somewhat purple, but so be it. I touched up the shading on the solar jiva, the grass, the tree, and the man while I was at it. Now it’s really done.

  3. Steve H Says:

    It’s more the delighted expression on his face than the color – lookin’ good! The binocular vision is a good tip-off that this is not a real dino, but something disguised as one.
    And being discorporate seems to agree with Arf.
    One day there should be deluxe editions of these books, with your illustrations.

  4. Helix Says:

    I just found a video I think you might enjoy because it involves the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction. maybe you’ve seen it

    Great job blogging on BB, btw. I enjoyed your posts.

  5. Jim Skinner Says:

    What a flash from the past seeing the Sesheta and Griffin combin sculpture I created in I think 1976. You can’t see the wrapped folded wings from this view on the sculpture. Seeing the 2D view of a 3D sculpture is like the plane talking/seeing the sphere in Flatland. Thanks for the show, Rudy

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