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Do you want to know Rudy Rucker’s thoughts on anything at all? Try entering some keywords in the Search Rudy’s Lifebox field above. Enter multiple keywords at once in order to winnow down the number of hits. Put quotes around groups of words you want to search for as phrases.

Regarding the hits you get back from the Search Rudy’s Lifebox tool, you’ll notice three weak points. (1) The list starts with several ads from Google’s clients. (2) Some hits are listed multiple times due to the way my blog data is stored. (3) The links into PDF documents are coarse, that is, they’ll often direct you to the start of a long document that contains the targeted words and phrases. So when you get to the document, you might need to search the document itself by using a “Find” box on your browser page, or in the PDF reader. I wish I could make Google search spit out highlighted links to words like it does when you search Google Books.

For background on my Lifebox project, and more about the Search Rudy’s Lifebox tool, see my related blog post, “Making a Lifebox.”

Let’s talk about this project! Make a comment below or on the “Making a Lifebox” page.

July 18, 2020. I updated the search code on , to stay current with Google’s programmable search engine untility.

March 23, 2023. I’m thinking we might be able to use ChatGPT to  get a decent front-end for Rudy’s Lifebox. The Wolfram Alpha enhancement of ChatGPT might help.

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