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Podcast #104. My Life as an SF Writer. Cyberpunk and Transrealism.

March 6, 2018. Talking to Tim Fitzmaurice’s class at Crown College, UC Santa Cruz. What it’s like to be an SF writer. Cyberpunk and transrealism as revolutionary art. Press the arrow below to play “Podcast #104. My Life as an SF Writer. Cyberpunk and Transrealism.”


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5 Responses to “Podcast #104. My Life as an SF Writer. Cyberpunk and Transrealism.”

  1. edmund lawrence Says:

    rudy…when we were kids in louisville
    i was awestruck by your intelligence.
    your brain worked in ten dimensions simultaneously,in fact,your cortical functions probably influanced me to become a brain surgeon. After 20000 brain operations i havent come,close to
    understanding your internuncial connections and have decided all your neurons,are panpsychic….each with its own soul.I have followed your career with interest and i am glad to see that a cerebral hemorrhage has not damaged your genius. You are still an extraordinary example…..a gnarly example to use your word..of how a brain can work miracles into a seeming mundane world.

    keep inspiring my pedestrian

  2. Rudy Rucker Says:

    Ned? Ned Lawrence from Louisville? Wow. Thanks for the kind words. I think you were a year younger than me, we went to St. Francis together, and you were in the “Chevalier Literary Society” high-school fraternity with me. I seem to remember hanging around with you and Roger Smith sometimes. I think we were in the choir. I remember Roger would tweak the lyrics of the hymns to be obscene, with his voice very sweet, like “Jesus loves you, why not … etc.” At one point you were supposed to make a paddle for me, when you were pledging for Chevalier, and where I’d written “Old English lettering” some guy had changed the “Olde” to “New” and you came up with a rather unique font, I think you made it yourself. Good job! Those were happy days, to the extent that anyone is “happy” in high-school, what with the worries about finding one’s way to love, to college, to a career, not that we worried all that much, feckless young lads that we were. And we didn’t yet have to worry about getting Olde!

  3. edmund lawrence Says:

    rudy…thanks for your reply..i like your paintings..we are more,alike than i imagined.. i am still painting but i am a boring realist…you can find my paintings by typing in ned lawrence artist on your google browser…i am honoured by your memories

  4. Rudy Says:

    Hi Ned, For reasons unknown big brother Embry just sent me the 1964 edition of “The Pegasus,” the magazine of the “Chevalier Literary Society (& drinking & social club)” that we belonged to in Louisville. I find that you were the editor of the ’64 edition! Your august portrait and mine:

    I’m just finishing the final chapters of my novel “Return to the Hollow Earth,” and I’m about to bring onstage one last representative of the god-like giant-sea-cucumber “woomo” beings from the Hollow Earth, and in honor of these synchroninicities, I’ll dub him Ned! (With no resemblance to actual persons living or Ned.) I found your art page at Good stuff. I liked Fear, Rasta?, and Alzheimer’s Painter. Maybe next time I come through Louisville we can say hi.

  5. edmund lawrence Says:

    jeesh….we sure were cute…in a ferris bueller-ish way….i dont remember being that young….looking forward to your new work….just finished a new book by nick harkaway called gnomon….its right up your alley….no cuccumbers in it but it does have a god head shark and lotsa mind bending concepts

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