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Podcast #94. “The Knobby Giraffe” at SF in SF

June 12, 2016. I read my story “The Knobby Giraffe” at the SF in SF series in San Francisco, an event I shared with with Michael Blumlein, whose piece appears in a separate podcast. “The Knobby Giraffe” appeared in print online in April, 2016, in Lightspeed magazine, and is also available as a Lightspeed podcast, read by Stefan Rudnicki. Or press the arrow below to play the Rudy Rucker reading of “The Knobby Giraffe”!


For background info on this story, read Liz Argall’s interview with me about it in Lightspeed magazine. And, if you like, Subscribe to Rudy Rucker Podcasts.

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