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Podcast #89. “Kraken and Sage” A brand new Rucker & Sterling story. For TRANSREAL CYBERPUNK.

December 14, 2015. This week I recorded a reading of “Kraken and Sage,” a brand new, never-before-published story by me and Bruce Sterling. The podcast is about forty-five minutes long. It could be our best joint story ever. It’s about … well, it’s about Bruce and me, but it’s also about runaway biotech and our world’s ultimate fate. With some laughs and tears along the way. Press the arrow below to play “Kraken and Sage” right away!


Bruce and I are working towards creating an audiobook version of TRANSREAL CYBERPUNK, a collection of the nine stories that we’ve written together over the last thirty years. We’ll be publishing the book in ebook, paperback, and hardback in January, 2016, with the audiobook coming later in 2016. More info at the TRANSREAL CYBERPUNK book page. And, if you like, Subscribe to Rudy Rucker Podcasts.

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