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Going Live with Rudy Rucker Podcasts

I’ve been putting this together for the last two weeks. Check it out! And add any comments below.

What’s in the Podcasts?
Readings, interviews, talks, and Q&A sessions.
Rudy Rucker is the author of twenty SF novels,
plus books on infinity and on the fourth dimension..
He’s a cyberpunk and a transrealist—writing SF about real life.

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One Response to “Going Live with Rudy Rucker Podcasts”

  1. Tom Fool Says:

    Wow. I am only speechless because my mind is still back in version 0.0891 or something and your podcatch, er what? podCAST of your journals is about V19.4 or something and has so many mind whacks in my brain going on that I can’t quite get it down here.

    Now I see why you are the writer and I am the reader. You succinctly put out so many ideas at once – listening without the benefit of photos yet I saw it all.

    For others reading this, ignore this. Just go and listen to podcast #85.

    Yes, this is quite a rambling bit of nonsense but when you get caught out in between, these things happen.

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