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Turing & Burroughs Out in Ebook and Paperback!

My new book is out today!

Turing & Burroughs: A Beatnik SF Novel

William Burroughs

Alan Turing

You can browse the complete novel free online.

And you can buy it in ebook and paperback formats via the links on Transreal Books .

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Turing & Burroughs is an SF novel set in style of a 1950s-movie “alien invasion” story. Computer pioneer Alan Turing and the Beat author William Burroughs connect in Tangier and begin a love affair. The novel fuses SF themes with beatnik styles and attitudes, switching between Turing’s and Burroughs’s points of view.

Turing and Burroughs find a way to shapeshift into telepathic slugs, and society’s reaction serves as a symbol of the 1950s horror of gays, artists, intellectuals and political outsiders.

As our heroes flee the feds, the story becomes a road novel. In traditional 1950s SF style, they head for a nuclear test site in Los Alamos, New Mexico. En route, Turing and Burroughs visit Mexico City and have a heavy encounter with Burroughs’s murdered wife Joan.

The story comes to a head with a thermonuclear blast and a final transcendence.


Keep an eye on the Turing & Burroughs page, which will be changing over time.

Delve into the illustrated book-length Notes for Turing & Burroughs.

Preview the writer Nas Hedron’s interview with me about Turing & Burroughs. I’ll be running the interview as a post later this week.

Listen to recent podcasts of my talks about the novel, and to readings from it. Click on the icon below to access .

Email me if you’re interested in doing a review or an online interview about Turing & Burroughs for your zine or blog.

2 Responses to “Turing & Burroughs Out in Ebook and Paperback!”

  1. Téx Royahaha´ Says:

    I just ordered the paperback — 5 queens noses I’m coughing up in bleedin’ shippin’ costs!
    Please, to those who see this comment, sweet wish me copy a safe n sound pint of ‘godspeed’; let’s have it arrive in more like 18 days n less like 32, yea’.

    Started reading first chapter this morning on the train. It was lo~ovely!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Congrats Rudy! Can’t wait to read this. Outstanding premise.

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