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My Complete Stories in Paperback

A trove of gnarl and wonder! Complete Stories is now available in paperback from Transreal Books. Two volumes, over 500 pages each. (Note that the combined contents of both volumes are still available as a single two-in-one ebook on Transreal Books.)

$16.00 each.

Volume One, 1976-1995 ranges from the cyberpunk to the transreal, including collaborations with Paul Di Filippo, Bruce Sterling and Marc Laidlaw.

Volume Two, 1996-2011 includes fifteen tales previously uncollected in any paper edition. Features collaborations with Bruce Sterling, Marc Laidlaw, Paul Di Filippo, John Shirley, Terry Bisson, and Eileen Gunn.

And, once again, you can check the Transreal Books page for the combined two-volumes-in-one ebook option.

Today’s two-volume paper edition is for those who enjoy tangible books. As I mentioned in my previous post, I laid out the text with InDesign, and the books look pretty good.

(And, yes, I still expect that William J. Craddock’s Be Not Content will be out in paperback soon, assuming I can straighten out some final details.)

3 Responses to “My Complete Stories in Paperback”

  1. Ross Presser Says:

    How does the coverage compare with the already released “Complete Stories” on Kindle?

  2. Rudy Says:

    Ross, the contents of the ebook edition and the two-volume paperback edition are exactly the same. Too many stories to fit into a single paperback, but there’s no real size constraint on an ebook. I did the paperback edition because some of my readers were asking for it.

  3. Ross Presser Says:

    Thank you.

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