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Clarion West. Reading in Seattle.

I’m heading off to be the instructor for the final week of the Clarion West science-fiction writing workshop in Seattle.

To get ready, I reworked and expanded the “Writer’s Toolkit” document that I use when I talk about writing.

I’ll be doing a reading at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, at the University of Washington Book Store in Seattle. More info here.

One Response to “Clarion West. Reading in Seattle.”

  1. Russ Van Rooy Says:

    Enjoy Seattle, Rudy. My home town. They’re having a once in 20 years summer this year, temps in the 80s and getting warmer. Here, in Chicago, we’re experiencing global cooling…
    If you are in Seattle for more than a day, make sure you get down to the waterfront or Pike Place (Farmers) market. Or go up to Fremont (nice little neighborhood w/ good restaurants).

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