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Aether Vortices and The Hollow Earth

This is a model of an atom, I believe.

I got the image in an interesting email from a fringe science site devoted to John Worrell Keely’s “Vibratory Physics” of the 19th century. Matter as aether vortices with, I think, seven kinds of aether in seven dimensions! Sounds like how people get aktualized in Hylozoic

My artist friend Hal Robins sent me a nice print of a classic Hollow Earth picture. It’s been a while since I did a Google search on the Hollow Earth; a rich haul.

My favorite link (as of 2007, although in 2010 the link was no longer active) describes how a man named Steve Currey was organizing a “Voyage to Our Hollow Earth” charter trip aboard the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal—the plan was to nose around for the opening to the Inner World which is surely somewhere near the North Pole. The planned itinerary bears the caveat, “Please note that if we are unable to find the Polar opening, we will be returning via the New Siberian Islands to visit skeleton remains of exotic animals thought to originate from Inner Earth.” The trip was to take place this summer, but sadly the organizer died—and perhaps not many people signed up—so the trip didn’t take place. Another site indicates that a new organizer hopes to reschedule it.

David Standish recently wrote a very nice historical survey called Hollow Earth literature, with kind words about my own novel The Hollow Earth. [For some reason, the Amazon link for buying my book The Hollow Earth has the wrong cover image; the correct image of my novel’s new edition is below.]

The dream lives on! I myself dream of voyaging in 2008 with my brother to look for the entrance to the Inner World in the vicinity of Triton Bay in the Fak Fak Regency in the West Papua district of Indonesia, getting in some great diving while I’m at it. See Yung Yip’s image of a Triton Bay sea slug below from the always fascinating Sea Slug Forum.

Get back to your novel, Rudy, you’re wasting time!

Oh well. As William Craddock wrote: “Time? How can you waste time?”

13 Responses to “Aether Vortices and The Hollow Earth”

  1. greg r Says:

    Have you gotten to Pynchon’s Against the Day? I’m only 440 pages in, but the Chums of Chance take a trip through the Hollow Earth which is only briefly described with a mention that a full account can be found in a separate C of C book. So far, the Chums of Chance sections are pretty much straight steam punk. buddha bless

  2. vivica Says:

    Strange enough the Russians came bback alive

  3. linus Says:

    I seem to identify with this far-fetched fantasy through the novel “At the Earth’s Core” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, an H.G. Wells era science-fiction writer….

    For me, “time itself” is a waste of time, whose validity and justification is clearly authoritarian.

  4. paradoctor Says:

    That hollow earth diagram at the header looks like a Sacred Heart of Jesus or something.

    As for wasting time… well, you can waste space… And I was wondering: if you call an book ‘timeless’, than that’s a compliment; but I’ve never heard anyone call a book ‘spaceless’. What would a ‘spaceless’ book be like?

  5. R Says:

    LOL of course the Earth is Hollow …. ANYTHING spinning will have centrifical force which pushes everything to the outside.

    If you go to Mt. Shasta and go into a meditation …. ask for ADAMA …. he is a high priest in TELOS (which is an inner city under Shasta)

    If ones heart is pure they (the Lumerians ) will come to you and take you into the hollow earth. We are all about to have this ability very soon.

    The Shift of the ages is taking place and by mid 2013 the masses (who is still alive on the planet) will wake together and not only will we come to know the truth about the hollow earth but the Akashic records will be at the tip of our tongues and EVERYONE WILL JUST KNOW THE TRUTH about anything.

    So anyone who scoffs or laughs at such things as the Hollow Earth, UFOs, Crop Circles, ORBS, Dimensions etc…. well ….. they are either scared of change or just STILL SLEEPING


  6. just me Says:

    Are you people for real???

    You actually believe this?

    Where is the proof?

    Real proof, not just wild theories.

    Do you wear tinfoil hats also?

  7. Rudy Says:

    “just me,” you might keep in mind that not all of my posts are entirely serious, or are the comments. This said, I’ve always found the notion of the Hollow Earth to be an enteraining concept.

  8. Steve H Says:

    “just me,” YOU may need proof, but I assure you the little lizard men who come up from beneath the earth every night and conspire under my window in their hissing little voices don’t need any proof. They are locked in a life-or-death struggle with Deros for the right to conquer the surface world. Pretty soon a tinfoil hat won’t be enough – you’ll need the whole roll AND some duct tape. You’ll also need a good working definition of Science Fiction, like this one: “Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and capitalization) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves speculations on current or future science or technology.”

  9. tahani Says:

    Hi Rudy, can’t wait to read your novel!
    Rudy, I have seen and heard, several times, a song with a funny nautical guy with false nose and mustache, singing:
    When God created Planet Earth he used centrifugal force.

    It has the serious theory, presented in an entertaining manner. But now I cannot find it! I think it was on youtube, but neither that nor my googles are yielding centrifugal fruits. Please let me know if you can find it.
    Thank you! I love reading about Hollow Earth, and did not realize Explorer S Currey passed away.
    Best wishes, Tahani

  10. nicole Says:

    For the first time I have felt like I hae found somting that make sense The Hollow Earth is a great theory. All the things we thought were mythical like unicorns really exsist. Son and I deeply love being able to talk about the hollow earth together. all the possiblities that come with it? is alice in wonderland that far off? I don’t think so. What about the journey to the center of the earth? Hardly!! someone has been there and came back to tell us about it but were forced into making it sound like it was just a fantasy. Or no publications of it would ever print.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Why all the high level secrecy surrounding Antarctica? I don’t believe in a hollow Earth (because I believe gravity is a push) but something odd (more than one thing) has been happening for a long time at the poles involving conspiracy. What about the strange magnetic field anomolies at both polar regions indicating deeply buried magnets? Why is lake Vostok cordoned off by new world order agents? Did a Haarp test melt the north polar ice? Why was admiral Byrd a believer in a hollow earth?

  12. quintessence karen Says:

    i am aether (quintessence)…i am a little beam of light that managed to escape from the darkest depths below….i am quintessence 8(aether)8

  13. pitufo Says:

    R, we are in 4/28/2013 and nobody have changed to a higher “consciousnes”…
    Instead of this the men have become more materialists and more wiked and degenerate.

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