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Tulpa Mediums for Hylozoic

I’ll refer to the Peng who are emigrating to other worlds as ioneers, a word I made up in grad school and have wanted to use ever since. It’s a goof on pioneers, you understand. A cool word. Ioneer.

I used to visualize the ioneers as sturdy, fit, somewhat Nordic spacemen and women like on a Soviet socialist realism poster. Possibly in the throes of endless sexual stim. But now I’m just gonna have the raggedy-ass ostrich-legged kiwi-bodied Peng use that word for their emigrants. I can say that atomic tulpa computations have to do with dancing ions (charged atoms). And, hey, I can have a Soviet socialist etc. type poster with Peng on it, all gussied up to look more Nordic and less like dirty dust-mops.

How does Panpenga (the planetary oversoul of the Peng’s home world Pengö) reach out to program a Peng’s body code (which the marketeers call “an ioneer soul song”) onto the regions of matter on another world so that the atoms in this far-away matter will begin emanating paired fermion waves to generate a matter hologram or a tulpa of some Peng ioneer whom Panpenga has destructively decoded in order to send said ioneer’s soul song across the void?

So as to involve my character Jayjay, I’m supposing that Panpenga does this by telepathically entangling with a certain receptive individual on a distant world. A host. This person becomes a medium for Panpenga. Via the medium’s body, the ten tridecillion voices of the ioneer’s soul-song, (or the ten tridecillion Fourier terms, if you want to be mundane), are integrated into the ambient quantum computation of the world, fanning out to teach each atom in the full volume of a “Peng ranch” (which is a cubical volume 100 km on a side, in other words, several counties plus the air above them and the dirt below)—and thereby creating a tulpa emulation of the ioneer.

By the way, a “tulpa” is what I was earlier calling a “woogie“.

“Woogie” is a little too comical and lovable and cozy. Misleadingly close to—ugh—wookie. Tulpa sounds more sinister. And I like that it’s like “tulip,” as a tulpa is something that grows up. The origin of the word is that, in Tibetan Buddhism, a tulpa is, as I understand it, a material object or person that an enlightened adept can mentally create. A psychic projection. I think I first read the word in William J. Craddock’s Be Not Content, where the narrator is on a trip, and he imagines the people around him are tulpas of his own creation.

By the way, I updated my Be Not Content post today because I finally found my copy of the book, sitting on a shelf about ten feet from my desk in plain view, sly tulpa that it is.

Possibly I might have a Peng working as a control in the Warm Worlds interstellar Realty office which sends wealthy Peng ioneers out to become tulpas on Earth. She might be called Pekka, in honor of the First Bird Pekka, who miraculously (and paradoxically) laid the very egg that she hatched from.

When installing a tulpa across a Peng ranch, the medium gets into telepathic contact with each and every atom in the ranch. Into each atom, the medium sends a single piece of the ioneer’s soul music, that is, term of the tulpa Fourier series data, plus the Peng control algorithm directing the atom to send a matter-wave at the indicated rate towards the tulpa locator signal. Looked at in another way, the medium is like a conductor, getting a ten tridecillion instrument orchestra to play together.

This is a lot of info to display, and we might suppose that in order to absorb and then deploy the info, the medium needs a very large memory. So the Peng can only send ioneers to lazy eight worlds.

Why doesn’t Panpenga program the Peng ranch atoms directly?

That is, why screw around with an unreliable Earth-side medium? Well, you can’t get the fine tuning from that far away. You need a read-write head on the ground. Also the full info has to be sent in a single chirp. A chunk like a zipped install file. (Cf. Freeware and Saucer Wisdom.)

Why is Jayjay in particular a medium?

For instance, could Chu or Thuy be a medium?

For story purposes, I need for Jayjay’s mediumship to be unique or at least rare, so that the Peng will want to keep in him in a coma and carry him around for channeling more ioneers to Earth. What might make him special was how high he happened to be when he yoo-hooed Panpenga. He was so deeply merged into Gaia that he has become a green god, an earth king, and we can do a reveal of this later on. He doesn’t yet realize his full power. Let’s even say that only one person per planet can be a medium.

I can weave back some mumbo jumbo into his beanstalk trip. During this singular moment he became a divine avatar. He became like a Christ, if you will. What? Jayjay? Christ was a great ethical teacher, not some street kid chasing a high. (Cf. Secret of Life.) Well, maybe Jayjay can grow into his role. He becomes really noble and wise. That would be epic, a nice heavy move for the book. He could even offer up his life as a sacrifice for all mankind at the end. Maybe in this wise he would buy us free of ioneer-invasion forever.

Why can’t the tulpas themselves act as mediums?

Well, a tulpa is physically limited to the confines of his or her ranch, so a tulpa can’t go out into the virgin prairie and bring down the lightning of a new ioneer. But the tulpas can in fact program the atoms of their ranch, which gives them direct matter control. See the next post for more info on this…

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  1. Psychic Says:

    IsI really think you ahve some interesting ideas and viewpoints. Whether you call them “tulpas” or “woogies” seems arbitray though. I especially like your ideas about psychic projection and how you draw on and relate it to buddhism.

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