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Wrestling With My Computer

Today’s post is the kind that gives bloggers a bad name… Yattering on about my frikkin’ computer.

The good news is that I switched to using WordPress to power my blog, and I think it looks a lot nicer.

Before I’d been using Simple PHP, which isn’t so well-maintained. Naturally I’ve had a lot of boring and or horrifying computer issues to deal with for the last couple of days. I couldn’t have done it without my son Rudy Rucker, Jr., of MonkeyBrains Inc.

Plus three weeks ago the fan on my motherboard died and the guys at ClickAway in Campbell erroneously (IMHO) thought I needed a $300 hard drive, which has now taken taken scores of hours to configure in the way I like. The drive-change didn’t fix the fan problem, of course, the motherboard was still beeping help help help, so I had to go back to ClickAway for the real problem (the $7 fan). And I scanned my old drive, which was still in the machine, and no, it really doesn’t have any bad sectors, the ClickAway guys found a false positive. But, okay, I’ll use the new drive anyway, it’s bigger, and this way I’m backed up.

So now everything works except that every morning my computer won’t start the first two or three times I turn it on. I tried disconnecting the old hard drive (just in case it wasn’t still perfectly good), the new hard drive, the CD ROM drive—but it’s always the same in the morning, no matter which drives are connected, the computer clicks a few times and turns itself off. The pushbutton on/off switch freezes up for a few seconds, I push-push-push it , eventually the machine makes it through a start cycle. Any ideas? I dread going back to ClickAway. Hoo boy.

City Lights tonight! I’m nervous as hell.

Soon I”ll get back to writing SF about a Hylozoic world that’s blessedly free of computers. LOL.

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