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Reading, Fresno State, Cuttlefish, Buddhabrot, Rainbow

As I mentioned before, John Shirley and I are reading in SF today, Tuesday, 7 PM, New College Theater, 777 Valencia St. near 19th, Parking lot on 21st near Valencia. That's NOT a map of SF below, that's Fresno State because…

On Thursday I’ll be giving a talk on “Gnarly Computation” as a guest of the Math Department at Fresno State College. The talk will be will be in the University Business Center (attached to the Peters Business Building) from 4 to 5PM.

“H.P. Lovecraft’s Seafood Cart”, 1993 Todd Schorr. I love this picture; it's the cover of a book of comix based on H. P. Lovecraft stories. For lots more great Todd Schorr pictures, see his home page.

Can't look at just one Todd Schorr picture. Rembember I mentioned my fear of Mr. Peanut the other day? Here he is in Todd's picture, “A Goober and a Tuber in an Exchange of Fisticuffs.” 1998 Todd Schorr.

I’ve been thinking about cuttlefish and Cthulhu lately — Cthulhu being the H. P. Lovecraft alien whose face is covered with tentacles. I got the New American Library edition of H. P. Lovecraft for my birthday, and read “The Call of Cthulhu,” and then my friend Paul Di Filippo lent me a cool movie of the story, a low-budget but very clever production by the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

I’m planning to have Pharaoh cuttlefish play a role in Postsingular; they squirmed into Spaceland and Frek and the Elixir as well.

On Easter, my cousin told me about a new variation on the Mandelbrot set called the Buddhabrot. There’s a variant called the Nebulabrot as well.

Oddly enough, the Nebulabrot looks exactly like a cuttlefish larva!

On Easter the rain ended and we saw a rainbow.

“…and now, in the Zone, later in the day he became a crossroad, after a heavy rain he doesn’t recall, Slothrop sees a very thick rainbow here, a stout rainbow c*ck driven down out of the pubic clouds into Earth, green wet valleyed Earth, and his chest fills and he stands crying, not a thing in his head, just feeling natural…” Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow, p. 626 old edition, p. 638 new edition.

The rainbow led to pirate flag on the other side of our valley.

I’m gonna dig up gold.

4 Responses to “Reading, Fresno State, Cuttlefish, Buddhabrot, Rainbow”

  1. gamma Says:

    2day tami went to blackpool & i was with the black poodle (jake) in the camden square & hanging oround counting mt Williams & Dicks – & all these back issues of INTERNOZE & HIGHTIMES & SFEYE – keep up the good work

  2. Mac Tonnies Says:

    I share Lovecraft’s birthday — Aug. 20.
    This “fear of Mr. Peanut” phenomenon sure cuts across genres; Whitley Strieber confesses to the same irrational fear in “Communion.”

  3. Ryan Says:

    Why would this guy say thats Fresno State? Thats 10 miles from Fresno State..he barely just got off the 99 in that pic….Wrong side of town buddy LOL.

  4. Rudy Says:

    Okay, Ryan, I meant to say “in Fresno on the way to Fresno State.” What interested me about tihs pictue was the traffic jam, and the mirror, and the dissonance between train full of Singapore YANG MING shipping containers going by—and the patriotic stickers on the car in front of me saying “God Bless America.” And the car is foreign-made, too. Yes, I know that you can’t see this stuff in the picture above…so here’s the detail.

    Fresno is a tough town to drive in, by the way. A pair of cars tried to force me into a traffic accident so as to make a settlement claim—a woman in 70s beater American car violently tailgated me to make me want to swerve into the right line, but her partner was hovering in my blind spot in a beater pickup truck. I could tell they were doing it on purpose because they did it repeatedly.

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