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Thanksgiving UFO Attack!!!

Your humble science-fictionist was witness to an astounding broad-daylight UFO encounter in the city of Oakland, California, on Thanksgiving Day, 2005!!!

Pictures above and below show terrified revelers trying to fend off a dish-sized UFO which flew in through the window!

There was no stopping these inquisitive extraterrestrials! Thanks to my years of paranormal investigative activites, I had the presence of mind to capture several seconds of video footage of the vehicle in flight. After the seeming “crash” into the floor, every trace of the spacecraft disappeared, taking its load of micro-ETs with it!!! Click to see the astounding UFO video (3.6 Meg).

So far, little reaction has been heard from the outlying districts.

And the mainstream media is keeping mum.

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving UFO Attack!!!”

  1. Rich Says:

    Rudy- I have seen that exact UFO around my house & let me tell you – the dogs are not very happy to share living space with it…fun stuff!

  2. Mac Tonnies Says:

    Wow! Some nice “orb” action to boot! Happy holidays!

  3. Elayne Riggs Says:

    LOL – one of the better photoblogs you’ve done, methinks!

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