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Photoshop Fun

S. is getting into digital photography, too. She found an interesting PhotoShop trick, Filters:Stylize:Glowing Edges. So I ran my new painting through it.

Actually I remember making an undersea picture like this in art class in Germany in the eighth grade. We painted random colors onto a page, then put black wax over it, and then scraped lines into the black wax to revealing colors. Just a click away now. Even so, there's no substitute for using a physical brush and paint, it's so much more pleasant for the mind and body.

I’ve always thought it would be nice to have glasses that do these kinds of things in real time. I call them “stunglasses” in Freeware. My character Tre invents a stunglasses philtre that turns everything into mosaics of three-dimensional non-repeating tiles inspired by the Penrose tiles called Perplexing Poultry.

Okay, back to revising the novel so I can write the last two chapters. I just got through going over the page proofs of the Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul, which was pretty intricate, as the book has so many illustrations plus some math in the appendix. On this last pass-through I made the ending more strongly in favor of universal automatism.

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