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Bela and the Jellyfish

Today I was working on a painting based on a photo of me in Jellyfish Lake in Micronesia, but I'm thinking of it as my character Bela Kis meeting the Big Jellyfish which is G*D in otherworldly La Hampa. I’m using acrylics, which I'm still getting the hang of, I'm more in the habit of using oils. You can't smear the colors around which is bad, but you can layer on colors pretty fast one after the other, which is good. The picture is called “Bela and the Jellyfish.” It's not quite done yet, but just now I photographed it. It's annoying when you're painting that there's no Ctrl-Z to undo a goof, no PhotoShop History dialog where you can roll back to an earlier state. Like life itself. The final version of the painting is in my next post.

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