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Elena's Funeral. Aum.

Today we went to Elena’s funeral at the Mount Madonna Center. It was a Vedic ceremony, very nice, very profound. When my time comes, I hope that, like Elena, I’m buried somewhere far from the sound of cars.

I was struck by a sculpture of the holy word Om or Aum on the grounds. I asked about it and was told that that the three parts of the symbol stand for three sounds, that is, the big part like a 3 is the A; the wavy part on the right is the U, and the bowl with the sphere on the top is the M. Aum is, like, the sound that started up the whole universe. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Aum.


2 Responses to “Elena's Funeral. Aum.”

  1. Kory Doszpoly Says:

    I am into Eastern studies. I am told that if you embrace this symbol in any form (e.g.: a charm on your necklace etc.) you are committing yourself to the highest goal in life (final liberation or whatever you want to call it).
    While that sounds nice, it supposedly means that you life will be void of worldly comforts.
    In other words, be careful what you ask for because you might get it.
    I have a bunch of related articles on my website:

  2. COOP Says:

    When I first moved to California, I lived in the desert, in a small house that was about 100 feet from the 10 freeway. The cars would whoosh past, and every so often a semi would make a very particular sound, downshifting as it hit the downhill grade. I always found the sounds of the traffic very soothing, like the sound of waves crashing on the beach. Even now, when I’m having trouble falling asleep, I open the bedroom window, and the distant sounds of the 5 freeway on the other side of the hill put me right out.
    Another sound that I find incredibly soothing and peaceful is the buzzing of cicadas, but I lost that one when I left Oklahoma.

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