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Rudy’s Lifebox

On this page I’m assembling some info and a tool relating to my notion of a “lifebox” — an on-line simulacrum of the self. I go into considerable detail about the lifebox in my novel,Saucer Wisdom, in my non-fiction book, The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul, and in my recent article “Lifebox Immortality” which I co-authored with Leon Marvell.

In a nutshell, my idea is this: to create a virtual self, I need two initial steps:
(1) Place a lot of text online in the form of articles, books, and blog posts.
(2) Provide a search box for accessing this data base.
And, yes, I know that more is needed. Let’s talk about it!
Place your comments here.

But for now, want to know my thoughts on anything at all? Try entering some keywords in the Search Rudy’s Lifebox field below (ignoring the first few results, which are Ads by Google). Tip: Enter multiple keywords at once in order to winnow down the number of hits.

Note also that some of these Google links are coarse, that is, they’ll often direct you to the start of a long document that contains the target word. In this case, when you get to the document, you might need to search the document itself by using a “Find” box on your browser page—the “Find” box is in a bar at the bottom in Firefox, at the top in Internet Explorer, and in a box at the top if you’re viewing a PDF file.

I’d appreciate suggestions about automating that last bit. I suppose I could post my online PDF and DOC files as more readily searchable HTML files. But maybe there’s a way to make Google search spit out a link that not only points to a PDF or a DOC, but invokes the necessary search inside the PDF or DOC?

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