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Flurb #2


This week I've been putting together a new issue of my webzine Flurb, mainly because I wrote “The Third Bomb,” a story so demented and countercultural that, in a more tightly run country, I might get in trouble for publishing it.

A few co-conspirators have stepped up to shoulder the blame with me: Charlie Anders, Marc Laidlaw, Richard Kadrey, John Shirley, and Charles Stross.

Merry Christmas — and, remember, it really is still a free country — as long as we keep on speaking up.

I'll get back to you in 2007!

Flurb #1 Is Done!

Whew! I'm done with Issue #1 of my new webzine, Flurb at

I just put in late-arriving contributions. A funny, strange short story by Michael Blumlein, an astounding postsingularity novelette by Cory Doctorow, and a fine piece of Disneyesque surrealism by Kris Saknussem.

We also have a fantasy-SF hybrid by Di Filippo and me, a Lovecraftian horror tale by Marc Laidlaw, a haunting fractal fantasy by Richard Kadrey, a shockingly un-PC meditation on terrorism by John Shirley, and a Zen-pure dirty story Terry Bisson.

For now I'm going to suggest using the comment section of today's entry as the official spot for posting comments on Flurb #1. So…

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