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Fractalmania! With a T-Shirt!

I saw a Mandelbrot set in the sky the other day, and painted a picture called “He Sees the Fnoor.” I ended up using this painting in the banner image for my new Zazzle T-shirt site…but more on that below.

The current augmentation of my obsession began with me printing out big images of the new fractals I’ve been working with. Full info is at my Rudy Set post, which now has a short-cut address

I’ll be selling some of these prints at the closing party for my art show, to be accompanied by readings with author Michael Shea. It’ll be on on Saturday, May 22, from 6-10 PM, you can find more info in my original post about the show.

And you can also buy high quality prints online at my new Ultrafractals gallery at I’d suggest getting them on one of the glossier papers on offer there.

Seek the Gnarl shirt
Seek the Gnarl from “Rudy’s Gnarl”

And, fittingly—thanks to a suggestion from my reader “Failrate”—I’m putting some of my fractals on t-shirts and stuff like that. Fractals kind of belong on T-shirts, right? So here’s a kickin’ shirt on Zazzle, with the Cubic WhoopDiDoo on the front and the Sanskrit Mandlebud on the back. And Zazzle lets you, the potential buyer, customize the type of shirt, the size, and so on. Yeah, baby!

I’ve started dreaming about fractals every night, and I see them when I close my eyes. So far, this seems good.

“Holy Fractal, Mother of Life, pray for us now and and at the hour of our termination, Amen.”

5 Responses to “Fractalmania! With a T-Shirt!”

  1. failrate Says:

    I wonder if you’d be willing to offer the Sanskrit fractal on a T-shirt. That would be pretty rockin’.

  2. Rudy Says:

    Failrate, T-shirts are a good idea…the classic medium for fractal art. I decided to start selling some online, as you can now see in the main post. I looked at CafePress and at Zazzle, and went with Zazzle as they give the seller more options on a free “store” account. Also, Zazzle shirts have images on the front AND the back. And we got Kurt Cobain to model the shirt, which is pretty cool…

  3. The Necromancer Says:

    That last fractal is pretty evocative. Theological and anatomical. Heavy.

  4. Narrenschiff Says:

    Is that the same Failrate as on Yakyak?

  5. failrate Says:

    Yep, the only failrate as far as I know 🙂

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