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Hylozoic Hype

A couple of good reviews of Hylozoic came out recently:

One is by Charlie Jane Anders on io9, and

And the other is by Doug Fratz on Sci Fi Wire.

I did a couple of interviews this week. One was with Mike Perschon, about The Hollow Earth, for his blog, Steampunk Scholar.

And the other was with John Joseph Adams, about Hylozoic, for a piece to appear on pretty soon.

I updated my cumulative PDF file of “All the Interviews,” and you can also find these interviews in there, as well as a few others that I’ve done in the last few months.

And remember that I’m giving two readings this weekend, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

7 Responses to “Hylozoic Hype”

  1. Alex Says:

    And I’ve added my review to Amazon. Here it is…

    – – –

    It’s very good. Just good is this book? Well I’ve done some calculations and come up with this theory, it’s weird multiplied by wonderful and then raised to the power of freakin awesome!

    Looking for a fun story about Teleporting, Alien Manta Rays, Surfing, Infinity, Alef-null, Time travel, Hieronymus Bosch the painter? Well this book has all these and more.

    It’s set in a post singularity world where everything has come “alive”. Stones, rivers, trees, houses and you can talk to them all. This is done via a thought process called “Teep”. It sounds mad, but it’s done in an utterly convincing matter of fact manner. After a few days reading this book I found myself wishing I could “Teep” the fridge to find out what was in there.

    As with all Rudy Rucker books this is an easy read, the story moves along at a very lively pace. The only times I stopped reading was to ponder the amazing ideas.

  2. DIANNE Says:

    Rudy, I just ordered your book Hylozoic and am looking forward to reading it. I read an excerpt from it and it sounds like it will be good. 🙂

  3. Steve H Says:

    Rudy, I just found out that Michael Jackson was buried without his brain. I think the SF community can take it from here: clone armies, moonwalking Daleks, giant robots wearing only one glove; it unpacks to infinity. I have seen the future and it is ‘BAD.’

  4. amykjensen Says:

    Funny, I took a similar picture to yours when I was in Bergen!

  5. Rudy Says:

    Amy, that’s a cool coincidence. Thanks for the comment. It’ll get really weird if it turns you you photographed the Sundt department store and the Witchy Bitchy Beauty Spot!

  6. amykjensen Says:

    Funny we just found these Bergen department store photos on my hubby’s iPhone. Not as classy as yours!

  7. rs Says:

    awesome reviews Rudy! just awesome. compared with “Infinite Jest,” and “candy …” is special. I hope you sell a million:-)

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