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Mossy Trees, Futurama

Yesterday I finished my painting, “Mossy Trees,” that I started last week in Castle Rock park.

I spiced it up with an eyeball in one of the trees. I was thinking a little of Magritte, the way he’d slip fantastic details into so many of his more-or-less realistic paintings. Also it’s a way of making manifest the hylozoic notion that the trees are conscious.

And I put another eyeball in a part of a trunk that’s painted on the canvas edge. I’m into painting all around the edges, I like the effect, and it means you don’t have to worry about framing. The canvas becomes a sculptural object in itself.

Today’s egoboo: Matt Groening reads my books! I saw this in a Wired article about the return of Futurama. (Thanks to Paul DiFilippo for the heads-up.)

This explains why I felt such a shock of recognition when I saw one of the early Futurama episodes, and the robots were getting stoned and selling replacement human organs out of back alleys. That’s totally the world of my Ware series: Software, Wetware, Freeware, Realware. By the way, I’m making slow progress on getting the Wares back into print—more on this in a couple of months.

6 Responses to “Mossy Trees, Futurama”

  1. Gamma Says:

    hey Tami walked Moss 2day – so the EYE in the SKY man is watching us all & trying 2 ensure us that it is that way. I read & think what i should call my little robot Teddy bear – Rantz Muhammed?

    what next…

    the big bad woof.

  2. Gamma Says:

    nice pictures as usual – yu get them in a color-supplement for a big mag.
    i called the american embassy about all this & yu know what i called them?

    Helsinki Room Service 22nd Sept 33 years ago

  3. e. ian allen Says:

    Go! look at the *luminous green (glasswork) ‘tree-tentacle timestructures’*
    now co-manifesting from outa (Arneson’s homebase) Benicia:

    Very very rudy.

    Other (glass) works include the water-drop-forms of “Kana Tanaka”
    (main url of AB is and then click “Current Exhibit”). Showing there until 16december2007.

  4. Scott Armstrong Says:

    Cool on getting the Ware series back into print. I snagged a copy of “Freeware” for myslelf a few years back when I saw one on a bookstore shelf, but I read all the others from the Library shelves.

    I keep telling people that they need to read that series, but they really should start at the beginning to truly enjoy them all.

  5. Gamma Says:

    was thinking about that dark time of year in the Northern Hemisphere what do they call it Zappadan – also on Tralfamadore, Trout explained before the shift in the Zen light blue Alice sky. Joyce arrived witha Barnabus & we got on the board of dicktatorz

    take care & mind the bears


  6. Neil Says:

    I feel like Spaceland would make an awesome futurama episode…


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