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“The Perfect Wave”

“The Perfect Wave” by Marc Laidlaw and me is the cover story of the January, 2008, issue of Asimov’s SF magazine.

I’m stoked; this is my second Asimov’s cover in six months, as Bruce Sterling and I scored for “Hormiga Canyon” in August, 2007.

Marc knows the “Perfect Wave” cover artist, Jeremy Bennett, and has a bit about him on the Laidlaw blog site, also a link to a big picture of the cover painting uncropped and unobscured by textual information.

The weird waves in our story were inspired by some nonlinear waves that I discovered in my CAPOW software.

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  1. Rudy Says:

    A nice review of our story by Nick Gevers in the January, 2008, LOCUS, magazine, in the “Locus Looks at Short Fiction” column.

    Clip from LOCUS

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