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Bach Concert with CA Light Show, Nov 16, 2007

Multum in Parvo: The Music of Bach & Gnarly Computation

An illustrated concert by Rudy Rucker and the Galax Quartet, with triple harp by Cheryl Ann Fulton.

Friday, November 16, 7:30 pm.
College Avenue Presbyterian Church
5951 College Avenue at Claremont Avenue
Oakland, CA

Price of admission: Donations accepted

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Many of Bach’s works showed a unusual devotion to economy and concentration, melodic and contrapuntal writing of ravishing beauty derived from a single intricate theme, finding much in little, multum in parvo.

Our program is a collaboration between San Francisco’s historical-instrument Galax Quartet, triple harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton, and award-winning science fiction writer and mathematician Rudy Rucker, who will present his striking images of cellular automata, visually beautiful examples of multum in parvo.

David Wilson and Kati Kyme, violins
Roy Whelden, viola da gamba
Paul Hale, ‘cello
Cheryl Ann Fulton, triple harp
Rudy Rucker, cellular automata graphics

One Response to “Bach Concert with CA Light Show, Nov 16, 2007”

  1. neatmouse Says:


    This looks like a fantastic marriage of art, philosophy and machine. If I were in SiValley and I had to choose one of your 2007 gigs this is the one I’d pick. Hope you and your musical friends get a good crowd, and have a fine reception afterward.

    Tell them I’m jealous of their waking reality. 🙂


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