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Rudy’s Paintings at Live Worms Gallery, Nov 9-11, 2007

As part of the launch for his new book, Postsingular, Tor Books is helping Rudy Rucker stage a three-day exhibition and sale of his paintings at the Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco.

The show will run November 9 – 11, Friday through Sunday. Stop by anytime on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to talk to Rudy, who will be manning the gallery himself.

* Opening night party Nov 9, Friday night, 7 pm – 11 pm.

* Reading Saturday afternoon 4 pm – 6 pm with Kage Baker and Rudy Rucker. Hang around and schmooze afterwards; we’ll have some refreshements, and you can buy our books from a table manned by Borderlands Books.

The gallery is at 1345 Grant Avenue between Green St & Vallejo St (see map). Approximate hours of opening (including events):
Nov 9, Friday: 2 pm – 11 pm
Nov 10 Sat: 11 am – 7 pm
Nov 11 Sun: 11 am – 4 pm

Parking can be tough in North Beach; try the public Vallejo St. garage on Vallejo St. across Columbus Ave, a block west of Stockton, which usually has room. It’s funky, but safe, as it’s next to a police station!

24 Responses to “Rudy’s Paintings at Live Worms Gallery, Nov 9-11, 2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    congratulation, yet another art form…how long ya been painting? candida

  2. Rudy Says:

    Candida, I started painting when I was writing my novel AS ABOVE SO BELOW about Peter Bruegel, in 2001. I wanted to experience how it felt. Thanks for checking in, R.

  3. rekzkarz Says:

    Oh yeah, another adventure with a great author. I’m looking forward to it. Having read all the other ‘ware’ books (Hardware, software, wetware — are there others?) and a few other books, how can I not look forward to this one?

    If it weren’t for our evil govt pursuing super-wars for oil, we’d probably all be nanotech right now, growing our food from toxic sludge and solar energy.

    OK, maybe I’m getting carried away.

    Hey Rudy! Let me direct and shoot the film(s) for your book! We need them made and viewable ASAP! 🙂

    PEACE – Ari

  4. James Says:

    So glad to hear of a new novel Rudy!
    Can’t wait to get to know your new characters and their adventures.

  5. elffy Says:

    So good to see a new book from you, Rudy, but what I want to know is….how much for a painting?

    I gotta paper route and I’m saving up…

  6. Rudy Says:

    Elffy, I haven’t quite decided on the prices for the paintings. Probably something like an average of $500 for the smaller ones and $1000 for the larger ones. Maybe more, maybe less, and individual ones may vary up or down. A couple of them like “My Parents,” or “Arf and the Saucer” won’t be for sale. I’ll make a final decision on the pricing when I actually hang the show.

  7. Lesley Fahey Says:

    Thanks for the info. Rudy Rucker. I will look forward to reading your new book. As I am in Western Australia, I don’t think I’ll be able to get to San Francisco for the launch.

  8. elffy Says:

    Rudy, appreciate the reply…you hiding behind my screen? Guess so. And it is understandable that there are some things you won’t part with for various reasons.

    $500-1000+ range USD is not a bad price, I have seen a number of your pictures on sites like and have been excited to see them.

  9. neatmouse Says:

    elffy I’m proud of you for saving your coin rolls, but surprised they’re not all pay by mail or via automatic online billing in your area!

    rekzkarz please -do- think about doing the R2 film catalog. He’s given up on the whole Southern California Arts Mafia and we need to see his stuff in theaters right?

    If there are any anime makers reading this blog I don’t mind sharing that my dream for his -ware books uses that medium to find the public eye (couldn’t you just see some of that stuff done as manga?). As for live actor movies, I am still holding out for a really good producer to do the Breugel novel as a full out film.

    My God I loved that book!

    R2 remember to make Having A Fun Time your priority at this event and look for the gnarl if things start making you feel edgy. I mean ya know… edgy can be a good thing…

    In fact how about if we leave the Prince of Darkness title to some other Rock and Roll Old Guy and start calling you the Prince of Edgy…or is -The Word- “Vibby” now?

    See, I’ve gotta catch up on my homework in yr class. 🙂

  10. neatmouse Says:

    “In fact how about if we leave the Prince of Darkness title to some other Rock and Roll Old Guy and start calling you the Prince of Edgy…” After thinking about this I suggest we just go with The Prince of Edgeness. 🙂

  11. tom strack Says:

    What a great coincidinky that I happen to be reading both Rudy and Kage Baker at this very moment.It’s sort of like the peanut butter/chocolate thing….and then again it’s not.There are two distinct mindsets here,perhaps oil and water, but not that also.I am delighted,surprised,jealous that I cannot be there to be in awe with other awe-dom persons,and sad that I have never engaged my writing abilities beyond one or two sincere provokingly entertaining paragraphs to be enjoyed and admired by other writers.enjoy yourselves all!!Thanks for letting the fans know.Tom

  12. Annemarie Haner Says:

    Like others at a considerable distance I can’t attend the showing/reading/happening.

    Is there any plan to show the paintings on your website with prices and sizes and art type information so that those of us at a distance can participate? And possibility of “taping” the readings for podcast? The incredibly boring federal court bankruptcy hearings I do are taped and available, why not your stuff which is infinitely more fun?

    Finally, is someone using disease vectors on the macro level and germ and virus life on the micro level as characters? I just got cancer and was fascinated to have this process evolving inside me that is not understood and that is attacked by massive firepower to eradicate totally this thing we don’t really understand. The machines were awesome by the way.

    Sure I went along; I’m only 63 and have a lot to do yet. But where could this go, all this death and physical distruction? Things are not always what they seem. Even as a lawyer I know this. Just too chicken to try another way.

    What if we welcomed cancer? Do ya think it might speak up and let us know what it is trying to do? Maybe its not just trying to kill us. Maybe its trying to evolve us. Or talk with us. My husband says these thoughts are the result of my hippie drug days. Ok with me. I was the only one in there fascinated instead of terrified.

  13. Rudy Says:

    Annemarie—sympathy for your illness, and congrats for your fresh twist on the scene, and for not letting blind panic rule, and doctor-god slavishness reign. I don’t think I’ve seen a story where a disease is the protagonist, though certainly Gaia may look at human history that way!

    Japan videos coming soon, maybe. You can find some videos of me already online by searching

    As for publishing the prices for my paintings for possible remote sales, I’ll think about that after the show. You can in fact access the sizes and art type on my Paintings page (off the sidebar of the blog).

  14. Steve H Says:

    neatmouse, how about Duke of Gnarls?

  15. Gamma Says:

    hey when yu doing Camden Town?
    in the new spring sprung
    in the next martian poetix



    working on the projekt

  16. Angela Says:

    Hi Rudy, I have three prints of your paintings in my house and I love their quirkiness and bright colors!

  17. Dan P Says:

    Loving always with your work! Just my luck I’m only in SanFran till the 7th.. any chance of sneaking by for a sneak peek in the window?

  18. Rudy Says:

    Dan, I think I’m not gonna be hanging the show till the morning of Friday, the 9th. Sorry we’ll miss you!

    Angela, What good taste you have! Thank you.

  19. neatmouse Says:

    Steve H Says:
    October 24th, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    how about Duke of Gnarls?

    Um, for formal events we should probably stick with the Prince of Edgeness (or His Royal Higher Mathness to his first countrymen, wherever they may be found) but for Dress Down Fridays and other informal gatherings we could have the house band sing:

    Duke duke duke
    Duke of gnarl duke duke
    Duke of gnarl duke duke
    Duke of gnarl duke duke…

    Knowing that at some point a cheesy fifties tenor chorus will break out into a few nasal ah…..s and then things, as they must, progress to….

    Duke (nothing can stop me now), duke of gnarl duke duke duke of…

    At which point we may need to determine if he’s thin enough and white enough to progress to a Bowie (of sorts) repertoire.

    Have fun at the show R, remember it’s just a day in the life of a mild mannered mathematician unless you feel a sudden urge to rush into a phone booth. In that case, well, just remember to keep your cell phone powered up. 🙂

    best to all involved
    ~ mouse

  20. John Bruneau Says:

    Rudy! Sorry I missed it. Somehow thanksgiving happened before the end of September this year. But Id like to take this time now to start talking you into having another show… If you haven’t decided to already.
    – john

  21. John Thiel Says:

    Now, I learned at school and in the public library that the form of art you exhibit here is called “expressionism”. A Miss Stein taught the course where expressionism is defined. With this in mind, I say, “That’s good expressionistic fantasy art”. I always thought expressionism, surrealism, dada and futurism would make good sf and fantasy art.

  22. Anna Meenaghan, Contemporary Painter Says:

    his is quite amazing art you produced here. The detail and depth is incredible and keeps my eyes coming back for more. As a fellow artist I have to say this is truly “superb” work. Hope to see more from you in the future and wish you all the very best for your artistic future. I am sure your work is greatly appreciated.

    God bless, Anna

  23. Ira L. Madclaw Says:

    Whatever you do, don’t click on that contemporary painter’s link. Also, one might ask, contemporary of who?

  24. Ira L. Madclaw Says:

    And don’t click on my link either. Clicking on such links will get you nowhere.

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