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Flurb #4

Flurb #4 is live at!

It’s another fat and juicy issue, including stories and essays by:

Charlie Anders, Kathleen Ann Goonan, John Kessel, Marc Laidlaw, Kim Stanley Robinson;

also my meeting with Hieronymus Bosch;

also pieces by three newer writers: David Agranoff, Gord Sellar, and Penlope Thomas;

also a group-written jam by “Gustav Flurbert”!

We’re doing all this for free, simply to make the world a bit more interesting.

Please post comments on the issue here.

15 Responses to “Flurb #4”

  1. The Necromancer Says:

    Awesome. Some neat stuff. Laidlaw’s “The Vicar of R’Lyeh” was eldrich eloquence. “Cthulhupunk”. Damn snazzy project you run there…

  2. Jessy Randall Says:

    Loved “The Egan Thief”!

  3. neatmouse Says:

    R2 the photos that go with your story… some of them enhanced it for me and some of them distracted me so (but in a good way) that I had trouble finishing the text.

    Um, I wonder if my literary ADD would be assisted by fewer pix or at least fewer gorgeous ones that take me away from the story? My faves in this one were the ferns against the sky (I could almost feel a cool kind of humidity in that photo though I bet that’s just my projection) and… the reflected light on that copper pot was -spectacular- ok maybe something that would have been in Bosch’s kitchen but as a stand alone shoot that one kept my mind totally preoccupied after I visited the site… so… the story ran out of the sieve in my head. 🙁

    I have faith that Hylozoic will become a very good book, I’m just not certain that I’ll be able to follow its line of reasoning with you unless I read it along with the other two you have planned for the trilogy.

    Still, the idea about addicts being pigheads (in PostSing)… now that’s just *precious*.


  4. crashmilk Says:

    Downtown is a lyric tourdeforce. Applause. Of course, using a stereotypical, hackneyed plot situation was necessary to provide ground for the other undefined elements in the story. A familiar melody makes variations stand out.This writerly quality shows up enjoyably in a lot of your stories like the ending to the Inca story. I want to take this opportunity to say I think Buddha Nostril Bird is a minor masterpiece.

  5. Blue Tyson Says:

    I’d agree about the pictures, too. Those are massive, it takes a long time to load. Perhaps just small ones with links to the full thing?

    An index that wasn’t so long with such a massively large typeface would be handy, too.

  6. Rick Norwood Says:

    The prospect of earning zero dollars and zero cents for one of my stories has me all excited, especially since Flurb gets reviewed in Locus. I’d like to submit a story, but can’t find your contributors guidelines. I’ve published stories and verse in Analog, Black Gate, and The American Mathematical Monthly.

  7. Rudy Says:

    I don’t have the time to process many submissions which is why I haven’t posted contributors guidelines. Mostly I just ask for stories from writers I know.

    But since you ask…

    The next issue is coming out in March, 2008, and I will be reading for it starting Jan 15, 2008.

    If you want to send me something, send it as an RTF formatted attachment to an email saying a bit about what it is and who you are.

    Generally I prefer that a Flurb story not to be over 5,000 words.

    And note that I don’t actually pay anything for Flurb stories, but you keep all rights.

  8. the pineconer Says:

    Your guys are doing a great job! I love this project. Thanks for making the world just that much more interesting =)

  9. LG Says:

    Flurb rocks, but I wish you guys would produce a Mobipocket version — I read it on the train on my PocketPC, and having to open each story, save them as HTML, combine them and Mobipocketize them (whilst a small price to pay, I’ll admit, for all this great SF) is a drag on my enjoyment.

  10. horselover fat Says:

    “A fifth noble truth” is great! i personally know the autor, david agranoff, making this story is particularly touching for me. But bias aside, i know that this story is only a sample of agranoff’s literary talent, and creativity.

  11. John Thiel Says:

    Thanks for bringing art back to the world, both in your story and in the magazine as a whole.

  12. Mitch Says:

    Very refreshing to see real art back in the limelight and my absolute favorite is “The Egan Thief” inspired me to finish stories that I currently have unfinished.

  13. Chris Noto Says:

    Is it an essay? Is it a story? Is it a new, previously unseen hybrid, a coyote-dog, laughing, singing, barking, howling hilariously at the amazed confusion that thrills me right now, as I sit here just after finishing Kathleen Ann Goonan’s wonderful “Amazing Dancing Chairs”? Tune in next time for more . . . and thanks to you all who brought this chunk of loveliness into my life.

  14. Tess Says:


  15. flora from winx club Says:

    its really great science friction

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