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Instant Elections

I’m not blogging much this week as our granddaughter is visiting!

Just to keep the blog alive, here’s an unused idea from my Postsingular notes.

In order to unseat the president, the Congress passes a constitutional amendment and the states ratify it. The public is a fourth arm of the government, they can make instant votes on propositions suggested by the Congress or the President, even including the recall of any political figure. Let’s suppose that, since everyone is ineluctably wired in, it now makes sense to have instant elections via the orphidnet. The Heritagist Party wants this, as they figure they are better at manipulating the public.

The Heritagist Party opressors begin having constant elections, like when a governor holds a special election for his propositions. But one every day. A daily election about flag-burning.

Voting in an election is mandatory. They drill into you and get an opinion out of you. Suppose the proposition process gets out of control. So there’s one every day, every hour, every second. Constantly decohering you by forcing you to make decisions about things you don’t care about.

Elections aren’t constitutionally guaranteed, so far as I know. The constitution leaves it up to the states to decide how to select their representatives, senators, and presidential electors; strictly speaking, the states don’t have to have elections at all, although they do have to treat everyone equally. You might almost argue that to really treat everyone equally it’s better to use the online election.

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