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A New Drawing of the Hollow Earth

The intrepid Chris Roberson and his Monkeybrain Books are going to put out a second edtion of my novel The Hollow Earth in a couple of months.

I spent the last few days rereading it and re-editing the text. I edited the original from a manuscript I found, you understand, the book is really by Mason Algiers Reynolds of Virginia. I wrote a new “Editor’s Note for the Second Edition” which includes a copy I made of an 1852 drawing by Mason Reynolds that I found a few years back, thanks to a tip from my eccentric and difficult friend Frank Shook.

In viewing the sketch, understand that it depicts a cross-section of Mason’s Hollow Earth, sliced from pole to pole. The lumpy outer shapes represent the Earth’s crust, partly overlaid with seas. Mason’s Earth has Holes at both poles, and there are several additional holes passing through its seas. The creatures within the Hollow Earth are not drawn to scale.

Running clockwise from the top, features to note are:

* The maelstrom at the North Hole.

* Mason’s dog Arf beneath it.

* A black god riding a lightstreamer.

* A gap where an ocean runs through Earth’s crust, with a tiny “fried-egg ship” floating up through it—this corresponds to the hole near Chesapeake Bay.

* A ballula or giant shellsquid.

* A second ocean gap, in the vicinity of the Bermuda triangle.

* A flowerperson (Seela?) on a giant flower.

* A harpy bird above the inner jungle.

* The South Hole.

* A second lightstreamer.

* Another “blue hole” gap within the sea which is meant to lie, I believe, near Tonga and Fiji.

* A pair of koladull or shrigs.

* A third lightstreamer, which leads in towards the center where it meets the fan of a woomo or giant sea cucumber.

The center also depicts six Umpteen Seas, another woomo, and the sphere of the Central Anomaly, with MirrorSeas visible within.

10 Responses to “A New Drawing of the Hollow Earth”

  1. Andy K Says:

    hey, you think the bermuda triangle is actually a hole sucking things into the hollow earth?

  2. Rudy Says:

    If the Earth is in fact hollow, then it could well be that there are a number of holes in the crust. One of these holes might be hidden beneath the Antarctic ice shield, and some of the others could be in the ocean. Due to the equilibrium of gravity on a hollow shell, the water wouldn’t “rush though” a hole. You’d just have a very deep blue/black hole in the ocean which, in principle you could swim through to get to the inside—and vice versa.

    I’ve often thought there could be such a hole in the Bermuda Triangle area.

    But if the hole in and of itself is not attractive, why would so many planes and ships founder there? Perhaps there is a flying saucer base inside the Hollow Earth, and as the saucers commute in and out, they generate fields that might cause human craft to crash. Or maybe the sacuerians shoot down our ships and planes for sport. Or abduct them for fiendish purposes…

    If I were to write about this, I’d probably focus on a hole in the South Pacific rather than a hole in the Bermuda Triangle—the BT is kind of overused and played-out IMHO. I’d say check out the Great Astrolable reef near Fiji, or the Blue Hole in Palau, or the Marianas Trench off Tonga.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Do you believe that the hole outside Belize City, is an example of a possible hole to the inside of the earth. Also are you familiar with the accounts of the US Admiral that claimed to have come in contact with a civilization living under the North pole? What is your stance on the idea of people living in these possible underground caves?

  4. Rudy Says:

    Andrew, thinking of underground caves is too limited a notion of the Hollow Earth. The idea I like is that the planet is literally hollow—like a tennis ball.

    A fact that’s not often understood in the literature is that the beings on the inside will be in a weightless environment; the shell’s gravitational forces cancel out inside a hollow shell of matter (proved by Newton about 1700, but ignored by cultists ever since).

    For more on the the Hollow Earth, see the story “The Perfect Wave” that Marc Laidlaw and I wrote for Asimov’s SF magazine, to appear, I think in January, 2008.

    By the way, Laidlaw has recently returned from an expedition investigating a rumored gateway to the Hollow Earth in Tibet, and I await his findings with bated breath.

  5. Evan Says:

    Laidlaw has recently returned from an expedition investigating a rumored gateway to the Hollow Earth in Tibet, and I await his findings with bated breath. AND>>>>>……Please return with such an expeditions’ findings!

  6. MarcL Says:

    Yes, it’s hollow. Nuff said.

  7. The Mother Shrimp Says:

    The animate forms that first appeared were therefore of extreme simplicity. They were probably tiny masses of scarcely differentiated protoplasm, outwardly resembling the amoeba observable to-day, but possessed of the tremendous internal push that was to raise them even to the highest forms of life. That in virtue of this push the first organisms sought to grow as much as possible, seems likely. But organized matter has a limit of expansion that is very quickly reached; beyond a certain point it divides instead of growing. Ages of effort and prodigies of subtlety were probably necessary for life to get past this new obstacle. It succeeded in inducing an increasing number of elements, ready to divide, to remain united. By the division of labor it knotted between them an indissoluble bond. The complex and quasi-discontinuous organism is thus made to function as would a continuous living mass which had simply grown bigger. Alles is mogelijk. Wat mogelijk is, gebeurt. Alles gebeurt.”

  8. Daniel Says:

    As the history shows, we were told several lies. Possibly we are brainwashed by some lies in academic places in the present time. Obviously, we were brainwashed by religions previously.
    As far as I concern, there is an advanced civilization possibly in hallow earth and they are controlling us or forbidden us to be aware of the knowledge and the technology they have.
    Hence their aim is to keep us stupid in order to take advantages of us.

  9. Rudy Says:

    Daniel, the secret Htraean rays are doing a good job at dumbing down politics in any case! 🙂

  10. brandonGAINESsCarolina Says:

    Imagine coming from where south carolina usa, the bible belt, for instance believeing this also feeling and knowing its true, wanting to live my life, looking in a friend or familys memebers eyes and asking what they think lmao. At this point in my long and weary young age of 27 Ifeel like I’m holdong myself down but being held down by something a lot greater than just myself! I feel like here it is THE TRUTH finally, always hearing things like.THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE and seek truth and you will find and vlasae vlasou, Ifeel fortunate that my brain is acceptable of the truth and Ifeel that everyone around me is incapable incompotent just retarded and even if they knew they wouldn’t care and forget about it like kim kardashian is dating kanye west, lol which I didnt know until I just typed it, other things such as the reason for our desert out west is from a nuclear war 12000 years ago thought was fought over our own fates between Lemuria and Atlantis, SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND MY FRIENDS INDEED. I’m no mason or illuminati or elite secret society and if this information “leak” is available for all then WTF IS REALLY GOING ON HERE PEOPLE. Don’t mean to be so. drammatic sorry for that if you’re an offended type but , what are we waiting for 12212012, 2well that’s hilarious, most people will never know 😉 is there anyone of you people that me Ijust want a direction or well Idont want anything but to help myself so with no disrespect and all LOVE what can Ido other than sit here and see what it is I’ve always seen or do Ineed to ascend to umteenth dimension and come back and rephrase once again no dispect but can Iget a.cookie (not the web kind) but like a sweet retreat just because I’m ME

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