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MP3/Podcast of Chu and the Nants

I had my reading with John Shirley in SF last night. John led off with a beautiful performance: excerpts of his apocalypse novel The Other End, coming out this summer. I read my story “Chu and the Nants” which will be in Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine in June. The story is also part of the first chapter of Postsingular, my novel-in-progress.

The gentlemen on the left are Adam Cornford, who teaches at the New College, and Terry Bisson, fellow SF writer. Bisson and Cornford are working to set up a monthly session of SF readings, next month will be Terry and Pat Murphy.

I taped my reading and put it on Rudy Rucker Podcasts.

4 Responses to “MP3/Podcast of Chu and the Nants”

  1. Lee Says:

    I don’t suppose John got taped? I’ll definitely check out your recording.

  2. Cheryl Morgan Says:

    John didn’t get recorded, but now Rudy has shown us what can be done things may happen. If there is sufficient interest I’m sure that Adam and Terry will look into recording the readings.

  3. Rudy Says:

    If you want to start taping all the talks, I can give you some pointers on how to do it. It took me awhile to figure it all out last fall; there’s about ten or maybe twenty steps to getting the whole process pipelined. And if you need a site for “SF in SF” you might consider hosting it on, run by Rudy, Jr., I’m sure he’d give you a reasonable rate.
    I wish I’d taped John too, but stoked as I was, I barely remembered to tape myself.

  4. Cheryl Morgan Says:

    Let me talk to Terry, Rudy. There may be issues with the use of the college facility or something else like that. But if we do want to make it happen I’ll be only too pleased to pick your brains.

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