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Ramble at Castle Rock Park

Cone shell of the day: Conus Auratinus, photo by Scott Johnson. This shell is greased and ready to kick ass, as Sha-Na-Na used to say.

I was gonna write an attack-of-the-cone-shell scene today, but went rambling in Castle Rock park instead.

There’s these giant smooth rocks piled up here and there. Moss in the trees from all the fog.

My hair is getting so long I was wearing a pony-tail today, to the disgust of my family members. Haircut soon.

Some kids tore the moss off one of the rocks to write a certain number ( I won’t state the number here, as it seems to attract bots), which means, like, “hooray for a certain herb!”

All the madrone and manzanita trees were blooming. Buzzing bees. This was a good place to sit. I have this tendency to do something and then think “Now what,” and move on too quickly. Once you're somewhere as good as this it doesn't get better. Your on a local optimization peak. I sat there awhile.

Madrone trees have great smooth fleshy bark. Note the crotch bulge.

I saw a spot on some bark that looked like a dog. Bark dog.

Then I got lost. A rock like an Easter Island tiki. Apparantly this special weird gnary hollowed out rock that you get in Castle Rock Park is called “tofini.”

Ended up down in the San Lorenzo River Valley. Water carrying our gnarly paracomputation, yes. Note the living checkerboard.

I worked my way up the stream to reach the base of the big Castle Rock Fall that I knew was there. Some green plants said, “Hello.”

A rock poised beneath a log on a ledge in a waterfall. A living koan. I may never make it to this spot again. All this perfection out there.

I reached the heart of the big fall. A rainbow in the spray.

9 Responses to “Ramble at Castle Rock Park”

  1. green dad Says:

    My son claims that number reprents a date in April , and that this is some sort of traditional harvest day at least in CA. Not sure if it is true. But, perhaps this makes the connection to the number appearing in Castle Rock Park in sprintime clearer. I wonder if my son was there?

  2. The Green Son Says:

    I am his son. I have heard many rumors as to why that number is associated with that herb The most popular rumors I have heard are that there are that many twisty chemicals in the herb, this is unlikely because each type of flower has a different chemical composition. and the other being that the number is a police regulation code. I do know that the corresponding date in April s commonly celebrated in California as a holiday often being referred to as a second Christmas or a st*n*r’s Xmas — this started in the fabeled northern CA growing county

  3. Rudy Says:

    The theory I like is that some kids would get off school in the afternoon, so they’d be gathering at the time. represented by that number (which I don’t mention in comments here, as it attracts script comments). April hardly seems like harvest time to me. I think of harvest as, like, September or October.

  4. The Green Son Says:

    October is the largest harvest, April being the last time you can really get a good harvest. Humbolt has nearly the same climate as here.

  5. josh Says:

    I say it’s the time of day that kids would meet, they would say that number so their parent would not know what they were doing

  6. Pot smoker Says:

    I heard that it’s the date that hitler was born and died

  7. Rudy Says:

    NOW it all makes sense!!!

    Hitler was born on that date in 1889 – April 30, 1945.

    And the extra ten days are the echo days, ten being the perfect number that it is 1+2+3+4, the Pythagorean tetractys celebrated in bowling alleys throughout our great nation, one crash to lift us all.

    Mustaches and bangs on every zigarette ueber alles.

  8. KillerCartman Says:

    I live in florida and just about everyone i know has parties on tjat date. This year me and alot of my friends skipped school and had a party.

  9. poop giddins Says:

    yay i like the Big Pig

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