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Transreal, At Random in Florida

I'm almost done with the ICFA con, it's a fantasy and SF convention where practically everyone has a Ph. D. in literature. I did my second presentation today, I put links up for them the other day.

A theme of the con was Transrealism, which was nice. Here's a picture of me with Damien Broderick and Brian Aldiss.


The hotel is ruthlessly air-conditioned, and the hotel staff claims it would be illegal in Florida to have rooms with windows that open. Could that possibly be true? It'll be good to get out on the road for a few days; we'll look around FLA a little.

I heard a lot of great praise for my work here. Very touching. And it's been wonderful to meet or re-encounter some writers, including Brian Aldiss, John Kessel, Albert Goldbarth the poet, John Crowley, Peter Straub, Kelly Link, Larissa Lau, John Clute. How really similar our modes of thought are, we writers, despite the subgenre distinctions that we dream up.

I probably won't be blogging much this week. I still have some more Micronesia posts waiting, but there's no rush.


3 Responses to “Transreal, At Random in Florida”

  1. Kathryn Cramer Says:

    At your talk yesterday, when a memberof the audience was praising your characterization and said that there are no two-dimensional characters in your work, I wanted to chime in that you most certainly have written two dimensional characters and direct him to “Message Found in a Copy of Flatland” among others. But I decided not to be a wiseass.
    Regarding the opening of windows, I know at some point this hotel had windows that opened somewhat, but that was on the second floor I think. I presume you are up here on 8 with the Big Kids on the IAFA Board of Directors. What happens when you do leave your window open over night is that the carpet gets unpleasantly spongy.
    As you might have gathered from my comment regarding the example of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, I have been thinking about the fictional possibilities of what might be described as “when gnarly things happen to Euclidean constructions” for about 4 years and have lots of notes and possible examples. So I actually do have the makings of a list of that sort. I’ll have to play with that when I get home. A couple of things with big potential in that direction are monoculture (both biological and computer) and ecocide.
    This morning, I followed your fine example and did yoga by the pool. It was a lttle chilly, so I picked a spot right by the whirlpool because it was warmer. There was this great moment just when I was finishing when the rays of the rising sun cut through the rising steam, making a sudden temmporary archiecture of turbulent light. Very nice.

  2. spike jones Says:

    Rudy, as a former Floridian, do let me put to rest any lingering skepticism you have regarding the veracity of the claims of the hotel staff. It is indeed against building codes in many Florida counties for hotels to have windows that open.
    I heard from Damien, says you guys had a great time down there in my old stomping grounds. Fortunately you were not there in August. {8-]
    spike jones

  3. Delbert Says:

    Hey, Zep,
    John Clute is already using the concept of “Gnarl” in his reviews.
    Sounds like you’re having way too much fun.

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